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Zines, booklets - Publishing help! InDesign and all that stuff.


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Hey Brickos yes arrived

Man it's been a long time since I was in here regularly

- you want a copy - you have a piece in there.

email me at unsung_heroes_mag@hotmail.com man!


will post you one for sure!


sadly I was rushing to put it together and when I sent the pdf I forgot to hit "no colour conversion so it's kind of sepia rather than full black








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@misteravenI printed it in Taiwan. It’s weird I really shot myself in the foot. I’m a nobody in my scene but I benched a fuckload of panels so made a zine when I was unemployed.

Then I got a job so decided to improve it since I had more means. By not drinking much I was saving $1000.00 a month roughly so I threw some money each year into my zine.

The big 60 page issue was printed in Taiwan and they are so ducking useless. But it was going to cost me $4.00 per issue to print in Sydney. Printing in Taiwan including freight was only $1.70 usd. But they printed my black and white mag on a colour printer so it’s sepia.


Then I discover that if you do it for free people attach so much less value to it. It’s free so why contribute?? I’ve struggled to get people to send flicks and people do but then bitch that I’ve put toy panels in and bag me on Instagram. 


Oh oh well my friends love it and they love being part of it so I guess it works out even.


but then bigger names in the scene make a zine of screenshots of their Instagram

pics and people queue up to pay $20.00 bucks a pop. 


Anybody whi does one one that wants to trade a copy let me know!

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Giant crabs
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 got my copies of my zine for my new city. figured it would get me out of the funk that moving cities put me into and hey I might even make a friend or two


truly struggled for a name for it so literally named it  from the file name!


only 8 A4 pages  because there's not enough graff to go too big here.


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