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  1. brother, you wouldn't even believe what went down...
  2. tweakers still don't even know what hit 'em 😤
  3. It's okay, the import thing is that you made this about yourself ❤️
  4. They jacked it from my mailbox on the road. Gonna get the worlds smallest mailbox so these mfers gotta bring packages to my front door 😤
  5. @mn1_fuckos I lost like three maybe ten fights in my life, so maybe something for you to think about.
  6. See I love Ch. 0 because you get advice ranging from “just let it go” to “burn down their house”. Lot of good ideas to consider 🤔
  7. Like many of you, I was hyped to cop the first tee in the 12-12-12 series. I excitedly awaited its arrival, since I don’t get cool things in the mail anymore. The day came. I got the notification while I was at work that the package had been delivered. Fuck yeah. I check the mail after work. I notice my mailbox is open a little bit. Weird but maybe it was the wind. Let’s rewind. I live in the middle of nowhere these days. I don’t have many neighbors. There’s a vacant house down the street that some tweakers moved into a few months ago. They piss me with their loud shitty music and trash piling up but they don’t fuck with me so I don’t fuck with them. But now they’ve gone too far. These mother fuckers have crossed a line. And that’s where I need your help, Ch. 0 🙏 For various reasons, I’m not the type to get the law involved. But I need a path of recourse. My first thought was to get a cheap GPS tracker, set it up and put it back in the package to see if they steal it. But apparently you need to pay a monthly service because everything is rent-seeking trash these days and I ain’t fucking doing it. Also I already know it’s them because who else would the fuck else would it be. God damn tweakers. My second thought was to fill an old Amazon envelope with dog shit, seal it back up, and get them to steal it. But I’m worried my mailman might think something is off if I put a bag of dog shit in my own mailbox. So, what do I do Ch. 0? How do I get my petty revenge?
  8. Sorrow floats. One of the best to ever do it. Rest easy buZ.
  9. I remember these three signatures. I can’t remember whose it was but “I STAY LISTENING TO CUBAN LINX AND DOING COCAINE” stuck with me.
  10. Hell yeah, down to participate or help set it up. Lemme know what's needed either way and I'm game.
  11. Dope flicks! That's one of the best-preserved Water Bed Lou's I've seen.
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