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Zines, booklets - Publishing help! InDesign and all that stuff.

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New zine from Midwest, focusing on the modern cultures of Graffiti and Hardcore Punk alike.

Interviews include Donut CIK/EHC, Tough Luck, Malfunction, End DHS/MTS, Bent Life, Banek TS/SFB, and Rukus IH.


Zines are available here for 6$




Orders shipped tomorrow and Wednesday


got my copy today!


nice looking forward to reading the interviews



like how it's really gritty!


proper zine style.

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quoted from the comments

"Mag was done on an A3 folded (reduced the scale here for monitor size). Letraset for the header text, photos stuck directly on paper with spray mount and blu-tac. Scalpeled a few things for overlay. Text typed up on a wind up typewriter (almost) and doodles et al off the cuff stylee.


All the pics were actually ok to view considering the black and white photocopy format because of a top sheet called letracopy which broke the image into dots when printing, cool.


Nice bit of history dug out for any graff fiends checkin.


I used to flog tag belts btw, check out 7-8 scan, :-)


Middle pages were on Krisy and Kode some Australian graff chicks.


17-18 scan got promo ads for other zines on the go"

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skills magazine online.. this was the freshest mag - used to trade some pics with the guy who made it (spone) actually think the slam and dkay pieces in there may have been sent by me back all those years ago..



old dutch mag from 1992

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