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Everything posted by YellowFever

  1. True... Tpbm is sick and its not even winter
  2. YellowFever


    Waiting for Borderlands 2 to drop on the Vita not looking promising.
  3. Saw the Robocop remake wasnt great as expected. Prisoners on the other hand was excellent keeps you guessing to the end.
  4. True Tpbm hasnt cut their hair in a year
  5. Not caring bout the earthquake that just happened.
  6. Haha, trying to get myself organised so this doesn't have to happen
  7. Watching the KCBR graff video, coffee and eating breakfast
  8. False, no thanksgiving Tpbm is getting hooked up with an early christmas present
  9. Propped, good flicks. 2toes is dope.
  10. False, still got time Tpbm, needs to move
  11. Finishing the last of the Scotch Beers now
  12. .... true Tpbm fools their landlord into thinking they already paid rent for the month
  13. Smash ^^thai girl up there. although looks like she coulda been a he at some point
  14. Eating dinner drinking the last of the scotch before i head out
  15. False tpbm has had a hiatus from the oontz
  16. False Tpbm has a collection of something
  17. Dao the type of nigga to constantly talk about all the pussy he crushes so you don't think he is homo.
  18. If thats the actual phrase for the new Star Wars movie, shit is terrible. Evil has never been a word associated with the Star Wars universe or Sith.
  19. False not in the US Tpbm has started their christmas list
  20. looks great, havent played monopoly in ages. how much is it??
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