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  1. It's on Netflix, super dope GoPro footage of firefighters entering burning buildings n shit. Great character portraits as well.
  2. my dude aumstarsbcf that posts in here made a dope zine that im gonna scan and publish for him, full color. i'll keep you guys posted.
  3. Re: random thoughts I think when you catch a hand, you could argue that the tag is 'highlighting' that particular parcel of space as being poorly designed for safety, practicality, or aesthetics (as far as urban planning is concerned). Sure, crime happens everywhere, but so is lackluster urban design. I guess maybe no matter how perfect a structure is, someone will catch a creeper hand in there eventually. Fuck.
  4. fuck geno's for sure. fuck pats too tho, both are tourist traps. most any corner store will hook you up for $4
  5. stolen. super dope, mad props to these two! edit: plus the RADEO spot below
  6. http://www.pizzabrain.org/PizzaBrain-12PieMenu.pdf
  7. I dated a girl who was mad into tea. Fuck Lipton, Tazo, all that boxed stuff. I could never get into it. But she got fresh tins of it from tea shops (fuck Teavana, too) and steeped it herself. Now that was bangin'. Chai all the way. Even better iced with a shot of espresso.
  8. aumstarsbcf, we both know the girl who did this. fun fact.
  9. http://www.scdb.info/ ^ Put that on your GPS to alert you to speedtrap cameras http://www.preyproject.com ^ Put that on your electronics in case of theft
  10. DTTN that wears a fanny pack or a man-purse
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