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Zines, booklets - Publishing help! InDesign and all that stuff.


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B&W with a run of 10 special zines with a different cover added on in color.

i just did the old 5.5x8 if thats what your asking.

I would have loved to do it hard copy but I dont have a printer and drawing out all the fonts and making it look decent is time consuming as FUCK. I hate hand written zines, and i wanted mine to have a cleaner look.

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the first run is sold out, when i print the third issue ill have more. it's really expensive to print in that quality. Is Proliterate still around???? my local comic shop sold some for me in their store.....pretty sweet.



Yep its still there! I know for a fact that the shop would be interested.



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if you just send me some cool shit il give you one.

still gotta take the picture for the special cover though, so it may be a few weeks.


what on earth is a ghost script program? think I got a printer though so i might just print one copy at home and get it copied somewhere else.

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I'm currently working on designing a graff zine got some good interviews, I think it'll end up being around 40 pages or so. I've priced out options for both color and black and white, as far as budget goes I'm definitely going the b&w route for right now. Also I think keeping it b&w keeps its true to the old school zines that were all made in b&w. Let me know what you guys think about graff mags/zines in b&w



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I remember there was this dude in Metalheads named OneSixty or something like that. He posted exclusively in black and white and typed like he was retarded or slow. When graff is in black and white it makes you focus on the letters more. I like it for certain kinds of graffiti but if you're planning on using a lot of Pose, Sofles, etc. type stuff I don't think it would look that good.

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B&W zines rule...


I've just finished Issue one of my zine which is for my city. I didn't sell it because I wanted it to be a bit all inclusive. The aim was to kind of give a little boost to the kids out there and keep our scene going.too many graff mags feature too many of the same people so this was an attempt at being all encompassing.


plus it was printed using a found gift card I could do the limited number of copies for free.


putting it together on the dining table since I didn't want to pay for collation that would have priced me out of 30 copies


Issue two is planned for september

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That looks dope man, do you have a copy I could grab off you? I can Paypal you money for postage or something.

I tried for ages to do a Sydney zine, something similar, I got half way a few times, went through so many Pbase/Flickr accounts but everything got lost among all the crap that's out there. Props for getting that done anyway, sick.


So after making this thread over a year ago, I've finally put something together with a mate, split zine from Japan last month. Did a test print tonight but I want to change 1 thing then it's done. Here's a preview so far...










Thanks to everyone who posted shit in here.

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Looking good Daily.

your copy isn't far off just gotta get a few more printed for a few who missed out.


Issue two is now in the works and might even include some prizes to a couple of lucky readers. going big on the next issue probably 200 copies. I have enough content for about 8 pages need another 12 roughly by end of august


shame I scored a job in between so have much less time to bench trains so the panels section will no doubt suffer. As well as less time for the tracksides etc.

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Been working on this zine for a little while now and it should be coming out within the next week or so. Its a graffiti zine in b&w, Interviews with some writers from Gary IN, Phoenix, Chicago and Philly. It's 40 pages, with tons of imagery. Follow me at http://www.take-itpersonal.tumblr.com and http://riseonedesign.bigcartel.com/ for more info and when the zines out and to order your copy.






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