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  1. I have been sitting on some zines i made last year. Outsider is a Houston graff zine strictly focused on bombing that I have documented from 2005-2012. I have 26 left of 100. 28 pages with full color spreads and b&w photos. http://www.andrewdesigns.bigcartel.com
  2. RIP Nekst. A true legend!
  3. I usually keep quiet in this city since i don't know anybody but After reading a comment some dude posted complaining about a certain writer catching a tag across the street form his gallery i just wanted to say props to everyone in Houston pushing it ILLEGALY.
  4. At first I thought goat was a crew, until I found out its actually eminem himself. Keep doing your thing goat.
  5. There's a lot of new stuff on Flickr. Too lazy to link it over.
  6. that new vizie okies abels is a banger.
  7. Hahah fuck yes props to howie for finishing that rooftop saw it while it was in progress
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