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Everything posted by wafflecakee

  1. Hey dudes, been awhile. Keep in touch at http://pierrequinnphoto.tumblr.com/ !
  2. Thanks! It's a Hasselblad h3dii-31.
  3. hey guys, been awhile! I was also interviewed about my graffiti photos. https://vimeo.com/87814708
  4. Just got a solid cold HO from my girlfriend for Christmas, came with a bunch of freight snipers stickers. If that was you, thanks for hooking her up!
  5. Ahah, he's the most famous hockey player there is.
  6. Been awhile... Had to keep this under wraps as it was maybe going to be in snowboard canada's 2014 buyers guide. Didn't make the cut unfortunately but now I get to share it.
  7. Selective coloring is tacky. Your photos are good, they don't need gimmicks.
  8. Happy to contribute, dude deserves it. Here are some I've shot over the years.
  9. Go pro quality doesn't disappoint. Just make sure you memorize the menus so you can change them on the fly.
  10. A bit, I've never got what I expected from outsourcing though. I got a xerox on the way though, so stoked to be able to do good test prints, print cheap and at the studio.
  11. Thanks dude! I'm shipping it tomorrow, stuck in the mountains today. It's snowing!
  12. I've worked on some music videos but the only one I've shot myself was a take away style show. https://vimeo.com/70461257
  13. The photos are from across Canada. Here's some more previews. Not so massive this time ahah. Centerfold.
  14. Put out a zine I'm finally proud of. All of my gnarliest b/w photos. Graffiti stuff, freights, lifestyle, cats, you know. Pick it up at http://boxmanpress.storenvy.com
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