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  1. Arugala from the garden and from scratch blue cheese with REAL siracha..
  2. Can't front, it's really the only way I'd be down to play pool. Fucking characters galore.
  3. From a Photography shop that no longer exist.
  4. Place has been around for a few years.
  5. Crazy. I used to frequent the og one in the early on Hollywood and Western. Seedy fucking spot. $500 games going down all the time. Actually more at times but it wasn't any of my business. Haha..
  6. Their greed did that much damage? Obviously..
  7. Met a friend for lunch, then did some manual labor. Fucking hoarders..
  8. These two guys were ready... Cherry Belle Radish and yes I kept the leaves.
  9. It's like anything else in life. It's how you use it and your perspective. I don't remember conversation being any more brilliant before to be honest. For me I was always that guy who wouldn't stop talking politics. So for me the normal conversations people had were whack.. Before the Kards, it was royalty that dumb asses wanted to be like. Shit don't change but the materials and tools do. I think we tend to idealise everything to the point of delusion at times.
  10. Delete if this don't fit but I think it fits in, no? The big leaves are cherry radish about ready to pick. Got Detroit Red Beets cuz I techno. Notice the paint bucket. My friends are cool like that. Waiting on kale and rutabega.
  11. Fuck those guys. You think the possible buyout by Ca Gov will help?
  12. Just a plain old potato leek cheese gratin with a side of arugala lightly dressed.. Arugala provided courtesy of my garden.
  13. Native plant to help bring pollinators to my veggie garden.
  14. IOU_ONE

    IOU vs. L.A.

    Travel Town adventures.
  15. Is that from the same people who did Hollywood Billards in L.A.?
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