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  1. Damn it! This sucks beyond words but if it helps anyone to get checked and saved.. At least there is that.. Sorry Rage.. Stay strong!
  2. Also check sites FB groups like Freecycle and Buy Nothing. Via Buy Nothing I've gotten fresh citrus from two different people with trees. Fresh juice, marinade, screw drivers..
  3. This guy always comes through during crazy times. Hope everyone is good.
  4. pomegranate skins roasted walnuts mushrooms on top of a porridge of spicy carrots and sweetpotatoes
  5. Oranges from a friend and the poms from a groove next to an AirBnB I stayed at. Lemon, egg and pasta soup. Homemade chicken stock. Stovetop popcorn with olive oil. Seasoned salt and sumac.
  6. From a stay out in Morongo Valley. Got a bag full of pomegranates to take home as well.
  7. I was suprised at how many people had either a caboose or whole box car. I wanna live a box car.
  8. From the top of the caboose. These are from the 1970s movie King Kong. Fucking dope! Tortise cave.
  9. Forgot the pretty fuckers that roam the property and from the movie.. Bagdad Cafe is a shit hole with a scary bathroom, but the food was decent surprisingly. Trails are still there as well. And the guy running the counter will spin you a yarn about being in the Erica Brokovich movie. He also likes to touch your sholder while talking to you. Haha.
  10. Basically, if you wanna chill all day and bench. You can. It's active as fuck.
  11. I don't believe that we are worse bs. We used to throw babies away at birth. Greek anyone? We've been terrible since day one. As for the media not being what it was supposed to be? The media started real wars with fake reports. C'mon the media was started by mother fuckers hell bent on making money. Media has always been a read between the lines. We idealise the past way too much.
  12. Not this one. It's way better than the rooster one.
  13. Not the last thing but a dollar store find. Ok so like $4.. PJs..
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