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I get away with doing the most absurd shit pretty much everywhere I go, all because I learned the importance of tipping well at a young age.


Also, I took my new friend Detroit out for his first hot weiner and coffee milk experience, and he loved it. No 'mo, of course

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Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing???   How big was her dick?

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Not trippin at all. Proud I finally got the chance to put a bitch back in her place.


Had a white trash dude drop a couple grand in the champagne room. Dude tipped me 100 for making him wings. He ended up sleeping in there and we didnt find him til close. He then had a dancer take him home. Very BSM.

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Party got broken up. It was in a cul de sac. We we standing by the side and the girl didnt cut her turn hard enough. Instead of reversin g and being on her merry way, she just stops and expects a pack of dudes to move. Then her boyfriend opened the door and shouted "Fucking move asshole!" And I dont play that shit to I smashed him in the car door and began gently caressing his face with my fists. I eventualy had him down all MMA style and the bitch grabbed me by the throat from behind. I didnt know it was a bitch, I just turned around swinging and put her on her ass. She cried me a river and I resumed on her dude til I got tired. Dude has sixe on me too, but when an alpha male rose to the occasion his mangina quivered up.


Yeah, Id been drankin. Open your car door and you open the tigers cage.

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I went to a show at a 12 ozer's house the other night and got lobotomized drunk. Banged my head righteously to metal so hard that I managed to fuck up my knee somehow, blacked out, threw up all over something that I think might have been important, then rode home in the rain under the influence of said blackout. Lost my bike lock and a nice water bottle in the process.


Also there was a drive-by right across the street during the show. Lots of people seemed kind of shook by it but it didn't stop me from riding to the store for booze.

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