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Re: Oh hey dow what are you doing???   How big was her dick?

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right? swamp, when dude offered to blow me, i literally thought of you (/nh). i thought "this dude is going to end up asking the wrong guy and getting his ass beat".


getting beat up outside a library for asking a guy if u can suck his dick....not a way to start the day


Haha, seriously, I would of crushed dude's skull. I mean, I'm a known faggot hater, but I also don't really give a shit what they do amongst themselves. Once you start asking random dudes to blow them, you're inviting trouble haha

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God damn it Dow post those plenty of fish pics!!!![/size][/color]


page 183 motha fucka


timbo, i came up with the rad idea of sending a bunch of POF dudes to who-know-who's house for a "gangbang", but at the same time plan some kind of feminist hippy bitch meeting at the same house on craigslist. could get pretty epic.


ps heres the caller id spoof link i was tellin ya about:



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theres a strip club in Eugene Oregon, The Nile, that has a fat cheeseburger and fry basket for 3$


my homie almost got kicked out of my post-wedding party at The Nile because he was 300% shitfaced and was trying to tip strippers with fake diamonds


anyway, eating a stripclubs is what the fuck is up.


catch me at the cunt-smellin chairs, pigging out on a burger and drinking whiskey while i tip bitches.

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