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  1. So apparently the painting is fully restored. But retardy is still on the loose, lulz
  2. Yeah crime safe travels! I hope you'll find a country you'd much rather live in than the US
  3. A backhanded compliment, also known as a left handed compliment or asteism, is an insult that is disguised as a compliment. Sometimes, a backhanded compliment may be inadvertent. However, the term usually connotes an intent to belittle or condescend. A backhanded compliment may fool the listener, but the compliment remains "backhanded" because the speaker is being intentionally slighting and insulting. In some cultures, backhanded compliments are considered a genteel or polite way of expressing disdain. some of my personal favorites I've heard: "i think you have really
  4. those toys are prolly gonna burn most of us one day
  5. Full List of Stuff White People***Like #134 The TED Conference #133 The World Cup #132 Picking Their Own Fruit #131 Conan O’Brien #130 Ray-Ban Wayfarers #129 Banksy #128 Camping #127 Where the Wild Things Are #126 Vespa Scooters #125 Bob Marley #124 Hating People Who Wear Ed Hardy #123 Mad Men #122 Moleskine Notebooks #121 Funny or Ironic Tattoos #120 Taking a Year Off #119 Sea Salt #118 Ugly Sweater Parties #117 Political Prisoners #116 Black Music that Black People Don’t Listen to Anymore #115 Promising to Learn a New Language #114 America #113 Hal
  6. What the fuck happened too bloodfart? Not that I really care I guess...it just seems Luke she disappeared after we called her out for whoring her tattoo idle. Idk
  7. "Sent One NVK"--- TOY OF THE YEAR AWARD
  8. That bitch got up and ran all the way to the bathroom to spit it out. She was a trooper
  9. First blowjob ever I was 13. I thought I was gonna cum--pissed in her mouth instead true story
  10. immature wiggers all sufferring from dellusions of grandure
  11. Its always sunny in philidelphia, chocolate milk and cooki
  12. U won't regret it husk. This method works on premium razor cartriges as well--dont sleep on this shit it will save you a good amount of money
  13. I've used my current dispossible razor for over 8 months now and it still seems as sharp as it was the fisrst time I used it. This is how: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-extend-the-life-of-your-Razor-Blade-keeping/ I simply wipe it off and dry it before storing it away
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