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Every Day Carry (EDC) Thread

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so, i know there's been a couple threads in the past about "what's in your pockets".

i just want to re-create and refocus on EDC items. i've been researching and picking

up items here and there that would fall under the "EDC" category, and just wanted

to see what some of you guys have on you at all times. i'm not a mountaineer or

anything, but who doesn't like to have an arsenal of cool shit. i'm by no means an

expert or a veteran when it comes to these types of item (i'm prettymuch noob status

at this point), but they're still fun to look at and own.



now, i know it is inevitable someone will post a picture of something idiotic and sarcastic (go figure),

but lets try to stay on course. there's a ton of info out there and a ton of information

regarding strengths and weaknesses toward such items.



with that said, what are your Every Day Carry items?


as for me, i will start with a couple linked pics from t3h webz:


first off:



my phone.. it doesnt' really fall under typical EDC items, but it is something i have on me

at all times.





Benchmade 553 - Griptilian. This shit is mad trusty and durable. Fits perfectly in my hand and is on me at all times. not necessarily for shanking dudez, but just for random shit i find using a blade is more efficient/fun than anythign else. i'd highly rec this knife. there are youtube reviews and online reviews of this knife, and it's an overall good choice for anybody





SIGG 0.6L bottle. i use this thing religiously. it's rugged and has a nice outcoating to keep it from being beat the fuck up. easy to clean and i'd say looks pretty cool.






and of course my wallet. i rotate between a couple, but i've been stuck on this comme des garcons wallet for a while. fruity looking? yes. functional and minimal? very.






zippo lighter. i'm a huge fan of bics, but zippos are just fucking fun to play with. and they're refillable







so people, i know you have more than enough time to respond to this thread w/ some cool items. so post up!

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for some reason i though I'd open this up and see techno


pretty much just this



although I hate to admit it, I'm not responsible enough to keep track of a wallet

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no, fuck the electric daisy carnival. that shit's for faggets and e-tards. i'm talking about manly shit, nahmean?

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Guest spectr

I always got a bunch of flyers in my bag for some festival I work for.. Right now its these..



One of these cause I need to keep my drink on...



I'm addicted to this thing.. one of the greatest pieces of technology I have ever owned.. all praise to shai hulud for helping me get the thing working months ago...



I got more stuff I carry everyday...

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anybody have any experience with surefire LED flashlights? i'm thinking about getting one down the line.

i've seen these personally up close, and the LED lights pack a punch when shun in someone's face. bright as fuck





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depending on the model and the lumens if you leave one on it could start a fire, they have warnings on them a good one will cost you around a hundred bucks. 160 lumens is will blind you for a sec. 100,000 are about as powerful a camera flash to the retina.

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Guest T14K

i do carry one but until i saw this one i posted on google search i didn't know it could be stylish.

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