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  1. Anybody know if KingOfHell is still around?
  2. what really does work for me and like others have said is do a physical activity. the physical activity is important b/c it lets you burn off steam, get your blood flowing (which is great b/c fuck sitting at a computer 8 hours a day catching a monitor tan), and get your endorphines up. but i'd be lying if i wasn't being a full blown hypocrite saying that right now. i was gonna chime in here with solid advice, but fuckit.. i changed jobs a bit ago, and i'm in a rut also. waking up at 5-515am everyday fucking sucks. all i wanna do after work is eat, watch a movie, and sleep. at least i'm on a 9-80 split, so i get every other friday off. i need to go skate more.
  3. it's a perspective thing...my foot look skinny as fuck in that pic
  4. thread is slow picture of my foot that i mentioned above grant cobb @ spotlight
  5. true. TPBM is hitting the gym and getting swole tonight
  6. i've once taken my car to carmax to get it appraised, and i'd say the quote was pretty fair. the experience there is pretty smooth, but i never heard of lemons being sold. also, i think carfax's are bullshit. when i took said car to carmax for a quote, they pulled up the carfax and it was all clean...didn't show anything regarding a past accident when an H2 hummer smashed the rear...on the flip side though, the dude inspecting my car knew right away it had previous damage.. he ran his hand on the underside of the body in the trunk, and felt welds that shouldn't of been there i rather just buy private...find one that you seem to like, get it checked out by a mechanic, look for receipts and past invoices for service, etc. on another note, my father used this recently: http://www.truecar.com/ worked out really good for him, and got an unbelievable price for a new car
  7. if i could source one of these in the US, i'd buy it in a heart beat. fuhhhhhhh
  8. that was my immediate feeling toward it and most likely the path i'll chose ultimately, however i just wanted to see if the oontz could prove me wrong
  9. any good examples of hula girl tattoos other than sailor jerry's version?
  10. if its a commuter i'd leave the suspension alone. it'll net more money when u decide to sell it. if anything, spend that money on maintenance, fixing any worn out exterior items, shit like that
  11. ^ definitely. i'm a big fan of s2k's w/ hardtop..more particularly a fan of the OEM hardtops. they're getting really rare since honda stopped making them, so i decided to swoop one up while i still could. i do miss driving topdown whenever i want though
  12. i drive one of these gay girly cars: (not my picture)
  13. i've been watching netflix a lot lately, and i've liked these: (it's in korean, subtitles are provided) and the girl with the dragon tattoo series (3 parts) (in swedish)
  14. i've seen kids get knifed and guns pulled at pc cafes lol tons of heat and UO's trying to fit in wearing their damn philly's blunt t-shirts like 10 years ago haha. doesn't suprise me /hs
  15. are u sure it wasn't a chinese dude, rather than a mexican dude? asians have been known to kick-DOH 'round these parts too
  16. anybody seen this shit? just watched it snort xannies ya'lllllllll
  17. awesome chupa, and i like how ur cat just follows you around in the pics haha
  18. oh and just to add, i recently bought a used car (2007). i was looking for leases, where i would be able to get a nicer/newer car but in the end i chose to own rather to lease.. this website helped me out a fucking ton: http://www.carbuyingtips.com/used.htm
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