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  1. these are from Harare, in Zimbabwe. Africa's got some amazing hand painted signs. Might post more later if people are feeling it.
  2. yeah if you don't know about actress i highly recommend you check his stuff out. weird, hypnotic, memerising dark stuff.
  3. actress http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWfc_bp1cnw incredibly dope
  4. good call. my vote goes to wayne shorter - armageddon
  5. Daddy Screw


    http://www.mediafire.com/?x5zeflg3w5sktbr my new dnb mix: polar - skydiving fracture and neptune - hullbreach spor - dante's inferno raiden - 1984 limewax - never happening phace - 3002 fracture and neptune - the limit gremlinz - sometimes i get depressed kemal and rob data - ultraviolet phace - brainwave cause 4 concern - synergy fracture and system - yeah, but phace - cold champagne fracture and system - closed circuit rockwell - reverse engineering fracture and neptune - tape fog phace - hot rock d bridge - freedom club tech itch - release me teebee - daywalker phace - stagger calyx - chasing shadows panacea - pizdets (the sound of talinn) (raiden remix) jo - r-type yeah.
  6. it's the law of the land out there. we still ate the zebra though, and kept the hide, of course, which now forms part of my zebrasuit. RIP Shaka, you were too hyper for this world.
  7. cool dog. we used to have a dog like that in south africa, but it killed a zebra so we had to drown it.
  8. they said they were gonna hax0r bookface on nov 5th too. zomg hax.
  9. http://dubreleases.blogspot.com for all your dubstep/drum and bass, things of that general ilk.
  10. Re: Name my new dog lil' hitler
  11. try http://avaxhome.ws/ and consider getting a rapidshare account.
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