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  1. because of 12oz barbara walters writes about graffiti on the interwebs with a penis taped to her manus.
  2. hey suki imma multi millionair, drive six lambo's and own acerage in monacco. be the mother of my peen and it can all be yours.
  3. transvestites like you sicken me. oakland is a dope city. dont fag it up.
  4. i love how AFTER i write your all "ya it was staged" "ya this is like wwe" you people are sheep. and you should be ashamed.
  5. yer "boy" is as falldown as they come. im still confused how he is even around in this visual. the woman. as lunatic as the bitch is. cant be hit. you hit her. you go to jail. i aint sayin she doesnt/didnt have it coming. but its just one of those things in life you cant do to do no woman stranger. no matter what. pre-ban on my last account i was talklin about cathcin 13 stitches to my forhead cause i was picckin on some emo dude in a bar. i whipped a piece of mayonated lettuce at his face and it stuck to him like a wet sock. his girl stands up. throws a full pint glass at my face. without thinking i immediatly stand up and throw my glass at her. albeit as hard as i could. but even in that instance. i went for her chest. not face. now, again. obviously in both cases the bitch deserves to get knocked. but ya just cant do it. you do? yer life aint never gonna be the same again.
  6. so basicly what your saying is that you go around showing people shit that you did not do on a user submitted internet forum in order to prounce around and get paid to do work like an employee, when you are neither. you are an intern. you name yourself after someone famous whom you are not on the same said internet forum. aswell as this person whom you are not that you named yourself after is a woman, thus. again, claiming to be something that you are not. i sigmund freud that you are a plastic tranny. no matter how hard you tape that peen to the back of your ass when you sweat its still gonna fall down son.
  7. i got news for ya potatoe peeler, you knows whats even CORNIER?? when people make cheesedick travel threads whoopdy-doin about going somewhere then by page two there posting "yeah my trips been post poned" make a thread when you got tickets in hand you dumb fuck.
  8. but an online forum where people post freely is the only way to do it. an online forum is almost like a wall in itself. people come. put shit up that they want to put up. other people come. put more shit up. other people com,e, and diss it. the interaction and ability to post is what makes it interesting.
  9. but i grew up anti graffiti internet and would not take anybody seriously nor did i give them respect if they were http://www.com hounds. its a part of the game now i guess tho. natural progression to get your name out. but it ruined graffiti's integrity. on a city scale aswell as an individual scale. graff is just a shit smear across the globe now because of it.
  10. 12oz was a good mag. i used to have a twelve ounce grey poster in my room. long n skinny with a character onnit. circa 96 maybe 97.
  11. jesus fucking christ your a puppy dog huxtable.
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