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  1. todays o&a show was great. great stories of patrice. dude always killed it when he came on the show. im actually pretty bummed about this. RIP
  2. ask siri where to hide a body, brings up the nearest dumps and quarry's lolz
  3. the fbi thinking these losers are a real gang are going to make these morons think they are the shit even more than they do now. fuuuuuuuuuuuu-
  4. these hippies with rich parents still all umad?
  5. ryan dunn was hilarious. RIP
  6. first off didnt this dude say the same shit in the 80's? second, why does the world have to end while im at work?
  7. i put 32 bucks in my tank the other day, only got me 8 gallons. fuuuuuuu
  8. aside from the hot young girls that 'party' seems gay as fuck.
  9. alex jones and his shitty fake radio voice is fucking retarded.
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