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  1. im saying a plane flying 500 mph or whatever, hitting a building, the wings would be like cardboard.
  2. the wings and tail are like butter when a plane is going 200 mph or how ever fast they go, and then hit something.
  3. did nothing today but sleep and fuel up reefers at work.ive noticed my life in pies are always horrible with one pic. eh..:D
  4. no plane went into the pentagon. we all know bush littered the scene with jet parts.
  5. i might have to cop one of those safety razors. bics just dont do it anymore.
  6. no, your uncle was a frogman (udt). which became the seals long after they were out of the service.
  7. The UDTs were merged with the US Navy SEALs in 1983. unless jesse was in the military in 1983 then... he was not a seal.
  8. just to be an ass. he was never an actual seal or saw action. was a frogman during the vietnam era.
  9. if a homeless man can get a job from his radio voice in less than 24 hours then who knows.
  10. too bad the uncle will now be brought up on charges for trying to make his nephew not a piece of shit.
  11. this is what i do everyday for 11 hours. nothing special. my life in pies sucks.
  12. thanks for the neg, winter classic started in 2008. oilers suck too.
  13. im white. and the eagles lost on sunday with kolb playing. hes white too. tampon boy.
  14. dont be mad that texas has 2 football teams and they are both garbage.:lol:
  15. lol like i said. every truther (yuck) get their shit from youtube videos.
  16. first post i made there buddy. covering my ass for what? i said winter classic,dont get mad because you are an uptight dickhead. and no ovechkin is a faggot too. a mike richards and grioux fan here.
  17. listen cool guy, im not going to argue with you all night. the first post i left said '3 years of THE WINTER CLASSIC" did you even bother to read it or were you too trigger happy to try to prove someone wrong? winter classic = 2008. fuck.
  18. for those who dont read the full first paragraph "the first Winter Classic was held in 2008." but my main point is the pens suck.
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