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and again, pictures of cars..


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Sorry Protester, haven't had much action on the 935... still waiting on the engine. Just got the motec rebuilt and reprogrammed. Hopefully in a week or so we can dump it in. In the meantime, rebuilt a 912 and completely rebuilt another RSR switching the front end from a Peter Greg wall dam to a modified FIA front end to accommodate his humongous oil cooler. The red RSR has a stroked out 4.2L motor..... Full blown race car, 480 HP.....Stupid fast. The 935 should push somewhere in the realm of 650-670ish hp.






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Hell yeah.


Old guy at my work that is a duplicate of Mr.Magoo parked next to me yesterday. Never really talked with him, not sure even what he does there, but had a classic car racing club sticker on the back of his rust bucket jeep. As we walked in he told me he used to have two AC Cobra's, but then sold em. He then in the same breath said he owns an M5 and a Ferrari Modena.:eek:


Im gonna try to get him to let me drive both. :lol:


Do it!!!!!


For all you VW geeks... 1,000 hp Golf




A buddy of mine on facebook recently detailed the most confusing car I've ever seen...

German car

Japanese anime vinyls

3rd Reich eagle emblem



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I had to send my dad the video so he could watch this psychopath drive.


He was as stupid faced as I was.


Crazy shit. I wonder if guy is still alive...


and if car is also still in one piece.


He got arrested and a life ban from driving, the idea was that they wanted to gain attention to be stunt drivers for Hollywood productions. After the first upload, people identified him and dobbed him in. It was quite the melt down from the person who uploaded the video screaming at those who had 'blown the whistle' - while never really grasping the fact that if he hadn't uploaded and whored the video out on the internet, they wouldn't have got caught.

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Just got a letter from my homeowners assoc. that "car repairs or maintenance" is not allowed in our neighborhood.


Fuck that.


Im guessing my asshole neighbor complained the other day when I put a new exhaust on my daily driver. Had to saw part of it off, as it was too rusted to unbolt.


If shes pissed because I made some noise putting a new stock exhaust on my DD, Im half tempted to put headers and straight pipes on my 350z and redline it for 25mins at 3am...

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