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The Appreciation of Peaches

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Sorry about only one photo, but I don't know how to post multiple photos. Clown me all you want for liking her and only posting one photo.

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for those of you who have no fucking idea who this bitch is(like i did), here is a small article on her:

Merrill Beth Nisker (b. 1968; Toronto, Canada), better known as Peaches, is an electroclash artist. Her songs are mainly concerned with sex. She lived and worked in Berlin for several years before moving to Los Angeles in 2005. She plays almost all the instruments for her songs, programs her own electronic beats and produces her records.

Her songs have been featured in movies such as Mean Girls, My Little Eye and Lost in Translation. Her music has also been featured on Showtime's The L Word television series. Peaches performed guest vocals on Pink's album Try This, on the song "Oh My God." Her lyrics are discussed as part of the queer-studies course curriculum at the University of Toronto, and she has been invited to lecture at the Contemporary Music Academy in Berlin. Her most notorious song, "Fuck the Pain Away," is also the name of an electro night club in Brighton.

Peaches' music is preoccupied with gender identity. Her lyrics and live shows self-consciously blur the distinction between male and female; she appears on the cover of her second album Fatherfucker with a full beard. When asked if she had chosen the title for shock value, she commented:




Why do we call our mothers motherfuckers? Why do we stub our toe and say, "Aww motherfucker!"? What is motherfucker? ... We use it in our everyday language, and it's such an insanely intense word. I'm not one to shy away from these obscene terms that we actually have in our mainstream. Motherfucker is a very mainstream word. But if we're going to use motherfucker, why don't we use fatherfucker? I'm just trying to be even.



She disputes accusations of "penis envy," preferring the term "hermaphrodite envy" since "there is so much male and female in us all." Nevertheless, she does not shy away from identifying herself as a sexual being, although she rejects the sanitized portrayal of women in popular music.

Although she does not hold a teaching degree, she taught at private schools before her career in music.

Peaches will be the opening act for Nine Inch Nails during the second half of their summer 2006 U.S. tour.



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most people at my school are way into this bitch. nothing more depressin than showin up to a party and everyone is dancin with this bullshit going on.

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I grabbed her leg at a show once, and got fake blood all over my hands.


I don't care what everyone else thinks, I'd fuck the shit out of her. She's hot.

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unconventionally hot girls are the new hot girls but not this bitch. P---ewwww

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yo i really dig peaches

but seriously


after seeing all her album covers with her fucking hairy ass man face


giving niggas ngithmares nshit



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oh and i thought the term mothercuker was coined from the asshole that would actually fuck your mother

hence the

damn nigga you're a mother fucker

meaning scumbag




ooooo did some research

wikepedia has it all i swear






From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia



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For the anarchist group called the "Motherfuckers", see Up Against the Wall Motherfuckers. The word "motherfucker" (also contracted forms mothafucka, mo-fucker, mofucka, mother, mofo, mafucka, mofy, mo-facku, mother moo and mamma-jamma) is a common insult, term of endearment, and expletive in the English language and is widely considered obscene. The initials M.F. became a common, less explicit substitute for "motherfucker" in the 1960s and 1970s.

Literally, it accuses one of violating the taboo of incest. However, as with most epithets, its use is pejorative, rather than literal. The power of the word is that it attacks one's sense of manhood. Many consider "motherfucker" to be one of the most offensive profanities in the English language. A study published in 2000 found that British people consider it second only to "cunt" in severity (Hargrave, 2000).

"Motherfucker" has taken on additional meanings through continued use. It has come to mean a formidable or inexorable force, as in the threat: "Payback is a bitch, but revenge is a motherfucker." It is also an expletive expression of disgust or contempt: "Now, isn't that a motherfucker!" "Motherfucker" also has come to be used in some circles as a general pronoun. The late stand-up comedian Richard Pryor frequently used "motherfucker" as a term of endearment both on and off stage, and still used it in the positive sense to address his fans on his official website [1]. He stated in a January 2005 web post rebutting rumors of his losing his voice that "I'm still a talking motherfucker."

The growing use of "motherfucker" in popular culture may mean the term through time has become less offensive to some, but some see its increasing ubiquity as a sign of the general coarsening of society.

Other common replacements are those phrases meant to bear a resemblance to the original word, including "brother Tucker," "mother father," "Fuddrucker" (after the hamburger chain), "mother trucker," "mother lover," "motha lova," "mother crusher," "fothermucker", "monster trucker", and other combinations of similar-sounding words. In Arlo Guthrie's Alice's Restaurant, for example, he uses the terms "father rapers" and "mother stabbers".

In the song Mr. Brownstone by Guns N Roses Mr. Brownstone is described with the lyrics "that old man he's a real mother fucker"

In Meet the Parents, it is pointed out that if Pamela Martha Burns and Greg Focker are married, the bride's name would become Pamela Martha Focker. In Meet the Fockers, when Pam is asked what she wants to do about her name change, she says that she is fine with the 'Martha Focker' part, even though she knows what it sounds like.

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You should see Peaches live.


Even though she's not conventionally hot, you'll still get an erection.


Good show.




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