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  1. According to this thing, I am a couple of pounds underweight. Yet, I still want to lose 10 pounds. I like to blame it on the media and fashionable clothing.
  2. Props for keepin' it real, Hesh. Don't let your pride get the best of you. Passive-aggressive games are for the weak. I should know... I'm an expert.
  3. You know you're a hipster when you talk about how lame hipsters are.
  4. Join the club. Last night I got so drunk, I was holding hands with somebody I don't even fucking like.
  5. M.I.A. - Arular She's sassy. I love it.
  6. I agree 100%. I've tried the graffiti, drug, and alcohol binge... and sex with a beautiful rebound. Didn't work.
  7. I highly disagree. The chillest and the most humble writers I know are real savages putting in real work. The dickheads are usually bitter toys that never got their egos checked. Just when you think you're the craziest fuck on the planet, there's always someone out there 10 times crazier and more down than you. Believe that.
  8. Coolio reminds me of summer of '95.... pool parties, spin-the-bottle, and 2 Live Crew bumpin' on a rich white boy's stereo. Word.
  9. I have no patience for people that say "let's go out and party!" and then bust the "ooooh I don't have any money" trick. It's no fun kicking it with someone that is a financial burden. I also had a friend who kept tabs of everything we did, such as "oh, you can just give me $20 for dinner" when dinner was actually FREE and complimentary from her boyfriend's restaurant. Then the next day, she'd spend $500 on a pair of new shoes. What a bitch. When it was MY birthday, I spent money on a nice hotel and fine alcohol (just so my friends could have a good time), and never asked anybody for a fucking dime. People don't appreciate their company anymore... they're too worried about penny pinching and take their friends' presence for granted.
  10. Remember a billion years ago there was a thread where people actually painted things for each other? I believe it was Seeking vs Professor Poopatronic (I liked that name). I also liked the bands' name thread.
  11. Cultural anthropology, sociology, and upper division psychology were some of my favorite classes so far. Reading about different cultures, social problems, and personality disorders is right up my alley. I'm looking foward to Chemistry in Action which "introduces chemistry and its relation to technological advances and their impact on our society and the environment." I'm also looking foward to my fashion industry class where "field trips are required." Can't complain about that!
  12. This thread just confirmed that men really ARE embelices. Thanks for restoring my faith in mankind. :rolleyes:
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