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  1. Apparently I say fuck and faggot constantly I've been told it detracts from my extensive vocabulary, although I feel it just adds some flair
  2. I'm 41 days sober Fuck house arrest.
  3. I've helped LP at my Home Depot wrap people up before...I never would go out of my way to do it myself like this herb, but when dudes asked me to I'd always bodyslam a nigga for em, mainly cuz they were real cool dudes that let me get away with a lot of shady shit. They're actually both now guards at the ACI, so nice to have a few friends in there haha My brother used to do LP, and so does a dude in my crew (who has shoplifting arrests, funny enough). Sometimes they just put the wrong muthafuckas in a position of authority haha
  4. Yeah man, all my boys are doin their part exactly as I expected, I keep my team pretty official As far as the girls go, its also exactly as I expected. Bunch of groupies hoes on some "oh my god, I can't believe you're on house arrest, poor thing, I needa come see you baby" type shit. They come through once or twice, then it becomes "I can't, I don't have a ride, blah blah blah". There's been one exception, chick who takes a bus to come see me and just spends whole days chillin, but I also knew shed be that girl, so all in all, no surprises
  5. So I'm a little over a third of the way done with this shit, so I figured I'd give my friends here at the Oontz a little update After 33 days of boredom, isolation, and sobriety I can definately say that house arrest is 100x worse than I ever even imagined. The only time I leave the house is for work, and random other shit as it becomes necessary, like an oil change, haircut, etc etc. Maybe for some people it doesn't seem that bad, but since my life is a pretty much constant party, this is quite the change. If I didn't have a job to keep I would gladly turn myself into the ACI and just serve half as long a sentence there. However, I have actually been doing way better than I, and I'm sure many of you, ever predicted. I haven't drank or done anything of that nature...the only major rules I've broken are the ones about not associating with criminals, and not always being exactly where I say I am for a few hours at a time....guys gotta have a little bit of fun, right? It prolly wouldn't even be TOO bad, except as I previously mentioned I've had to be at my sisters crib, and apparently she's decided to make my life a living hell just for shits and giggles. Every day she's either bitchin at me about some nonsense, kicking my visitors out, or threatening to pick up the phone and send me back to jail. Even all this I could take, until the day I came home from work and realized she had stolen $60 from me...from then on its been a fuckin warzone in here, and it actually resulted in me punching her in the face a few nights ago after she spit on me. The only saving grace in my life is that I know I'm gunna be out of her crib in 4 more days. Me, my 2 roomates, and one of their brothers copped a 2 floor, 4 bedroom townhouse and moving date is the 31st. One of the kids is obviously the one who I wasn't allowed to live with in the first place, but I'm gunna take the risk and just hope I can hide him living there when I need to. If they find out I'm gunna end up back in jail for a couple of weeks as a slap on the wrist, but if I don't get out of here I'm sure she's gunna call the cops anyways and ill catch a domestic, or maybe even an assault on top of it. The only reason she hasn't already is cuz my dad threatened to cut her off completely, but I don't know how much longer that'll work haha So anyways, that's what's goin on in my life people....enjoy the next 57 days for me and party it up like assholes, cuz ill still be sittin around bored until then. Afterwards....yo, I'm finna go apeshit haha
  6. HAPPY BIRFDAY HOMIE! When I get this ankle bracelet off I'm gunna finally come down and visit, or vice-versa
  7. I'm on. SpeedyTheSloth2...yodel acha boy.
  8. Ill eat a bitches's ass quick, I love that shit, but I'm definately not lettin her anywhere near my asshole. However, my boy lets his girl do it at all the time and he says it feels amazing. To each their own I guess ha And I'd like to re-iterate, ear licking is the shit
  9. Slackin homie, you already know ya boy AB woulda smashed it in a quickness and then left everyone else to deal with the sloppy seconds situation Also, there is nothin that gets me ready to fuck like a tounge in my ear, true story.
  10. Me and my girl of 2 years broke up, and it was some real messy, drunken, violent shit which provided a few epic tales for the 12oz community. After I beat up her new man and a few of his friends, me and her commenced sneakin around behind his back and all that good shit for a few months. I finally put an end to that, and thought I was done with her for good, was seeing another girl who I actually kinda liked. So new girl goes out and gets a job...good right? Not good, as it turns out the job is with old girl (and her best friend, and her bst friends mother, her best friends brother...you get the point, not a good situation for new girl). So I feel obligated to call old girl and tell her the deal, at which point she starts to have a complete emotional breakdown. That day I go to see her on my lunchbreak to try and calm her down and yeah, from there I'm fuckin with her again. In the weeks leading up to new girl starting her job old girl gets increasingly crazier ad crazier, including pulling her job application, getting new girl's number, and pranking her all rediculous. Finally the day comes for her to start her job and what happens? They end up fuckin loving eachother So they spend the next few weeks being mad friendly, talking about me a lot, and basically both agreeing how great I am. The whole time I'm fucking with both of them, and old girl knows this, but new girl has no clue, thinking I still fuckin hate the other one. This goes on for awhile, making me feel pretty pimp and good about myself, to the point where I'm even texting both of em while they're at work next to eachother haha Anyways, to try and make a long story short, after awhile I get into a real bad fight with old girl, so she decides to just ruin shit for me, and tells new girl about everything so then they both hate me....oh well. Basically, nothing good can come of ex's hanging out with current bitches
  11. Honestly it's much harder to get used to not being able to leave the house then it is to not be able to drink
  12. I'm on 22 days sober, with 69 left FUCK house arrest
  13. I'm 21 days sober. 70 left. FUCK house arrest.
  14. So me and my boys just copped a townhouse with 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, 2 kitchens, and 2 living rooms for $1,250 a month As I mentioned on the previous page I haven't been living at my own apartment cuz its not an eligible residence for house arrest due to one of my roomates having a record too, but now that were moving into a new spot I'm gunna leave him off the list of people living there. HOPEFULLY everything works out and I'll move into the new spot on the 1st with them, cuz if I don't get out of my sisters crib soon I'm gunna go fuckin insane
  15. Re: fuck my wife. whats now? I went through a real bad, and well documented funk in which I was super fuckin depressed, on a suicidal tip somedays. I started just gettin wasted and wylin the fuck out with my team every day and night, which eventually helped me more or less get over it. I mean, that shit got me into a ton of legal issues and as a result of how I started acting I'm now sitting in my sister's living room with an ankle bracelet on, but honestly its better than feeling like shit all the time Although actually, aren't you feelin all depressed pretty much over gettin a felony? Listen man, I know the shit sucks and all but if you're gunna do something you should always be prepared for the consequences, no matter how rediculous they may seem
  16. I got popped for graffiti in Boston once and started freakin out since I was already on probation, for graffiti, back home. I was pretending to be real drunk and sick so the cop left me uncuffed in his car for a few, and I used that opportunity to stash my ID and cards in my sock, since its always a 50/50 shot if cops are gunna check the bottom of your feet or not. Anyways, I got arrested and back to the station and made it about halfway through the booking process using my uncle's name, until thy found a fuckin Old Navy card in my wallet that I had missed. My own fault, got caught slippin The good part was that after that they still didn't get my RI record when they ran my background check. The bad part was that an overzealous cop ran a better one on his own and brought my record to one of my pre-trial hearings. At that point I gave up fighting the charge and just copped the plea ha....actually, I think I'm off probation there this month
  17. 2000 Lincoln LS....its my baby, but its also got 135k on it and a reputation for just falling apart when the time comes I paid about 5 grand less than blue book value for it, so when I get my settlement check from my car accident (hopefully sooner than later) I'm gunna trade the LS in towards something newer, and even more ballin
  18. Yo, you muthafuckas all need to either get my $200 (plus the cost of burgers) up or SHUT THE FUCK UP. This shit is now aggravating as a muthafucka And before I read one more fuckin retarded ass "$200?! When did it become $200?!" post, go read the original thread. That became my price within like the first 2 pages Even worse then that, if I read one more "Stop makin excuses!" post I'm gunna fuckin kill myself. No excuses, I just want my dough. $200....FUCK YOU, PAY ME What else will you muthafuckas follow with next? Hmmmm...oh yeah, "If you can do it then just take the $100". Fuck that and fuck you....I can eat the burgers, but I could also easily break my own toe and I aint doin that for a mere $100 either And if this shit is so easy that everyone in the world could do it and I should just hurry up and do it for half the money I wanted, THEN SOMEONE ELSE FUCKIN DO IT ABizzle/end rant
  19. Get up $200, plus the cost of the burgers, and ya boy is all over this I could actually use the extra money, so get collecting. I put spectr in charge of putting together the proper funds
  20. Nah that was Kenard, kid that dropped Omar That was a fuckin amazing last episode. Some of the highlights for me were definately: Marlo runnin up on those corner boys was golden...first time you actually see him pull some real gangsta shit, kinda showing how he got the crown in th first place. Michael as the new Omar; "That's just a knee". Wee Bay and Chris together in the yard, some true gangstas. McNulty's wake...for the first time in the history of the show I actually like McNulty. Sydnor as the new Lester/McNulty was hilarious haha I wish Cheese wouldn't of got dropped, cuz as much of a snake as he could be he was also just ignorant and gangsta as fuck haha....if it did have to happen though, I'm glad it was Slim Charles that got the pleasure. I also can't believe Duke pulled that shit with Prezbo, but I mean everyone saw that coming...I also still say he's Bubbles kid I wish they would of at least shown Avon, but fuck it I guess. So does everyone think Marlo is gunna get back in the game, or was that him just provin to himself he still had the heart?
  21. You leave me no other choice...scumfuck.
  22. Re: FUCK SECRETARIES I have some serious secretary fantasies
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