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  1. http://www.lolking.net/summoner/eune/20423686 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M678PVOf5F0 :lol:
  2. WE TRIPPY im not good at sentimental things regarding addressing situations like these when they come up. so im going to write this for all of you, knowing who you all are. i cant begin to express how i felt or how we all feel about this, seems like every year we get a blow to the face and someone is now missing from the picture. the wizard the fatman mr discovery mr badass piedmont player g-worm ghost face popinski and everyone elses nickname that i wont mention on here because id be writing for hours im happy to have spent and we all spent that time a few months ago together. the homie was A-class, BIG S is not gone, he wont ever be gone, at least not to me.
  3. very unfortunately fucking so
  4. 100 wallballs 10' for time #20lbs 6:18 at 12:mins as many hand stand pushups i could do in 5 minutes 28 no kip. then- dinner.
  5. just go make some stupid fucking show with no point on some rap shit for comedy central so white people can be like thats my shit. all you gotta do is just be yourself and record it and do outrageous things like smoke crack with you moms and beat up weird nerdy kids
  6. Re: 12oz's current state makes me sad/pissed where is makros
  7. for time- i record how long it takes today master bated, for time, world record, 3 seconds front squat 165 x 2 every minute for 10 minutes then x4 400 meter run and 10 burpees - for time 10:20
  8. insert a day for cardio? im confused you said no leg days but you include leg workouts in your routine.
  9. saturday 3 mile run 800 on concrete x 3 800 on sand x 3 moderate pace 50 pushups for time sunday sleep pizza for time monday back squat 170 x 3 195 x 3 220 x 3 for time 21- 15- 9 wall ball shots 14' 14# ball ghd sit ups not for time 1000 mtr jog tuesday for time 6 muscle ups 500 mtr run 25 raised diamond pushups 24" box 500 mtr run 6 muscle ups wednesday ate a sandwich, not for time ate some more, for time working out is for posers so is can control.
  10. that does not look like fun
  11. stan has a lot of panels running
  12. soup. i have been in real life world. thats about it. i still lurk but mostly just looking at pics. Call the crib, same number same hood. It's all good. Uh, and if you don't know, now you know, nigga
  13. i had this crazy nightmare, i went to sleep one night and i had this dream where everyone was a poser, the 90s where never coming back and writing was extremely played out, everyone was wearing graffiti clothing, there where apps and shit for the phones and videos how to learn to write, make markers, extinguishers , ink all over youtube, websites glamorized "legends" and created a illuminati of writers all sucking each others balls, there where giant events held in cities where writers all showcased their murals in the likeness of jose orozco, video games where made, giant corporations utilized graffiti illuminati to sell product. "oldschool" heads came out from the woodwork and everyone seemed to want to cash in on their "fame" then i realized that it wasnt a dream. hah :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :rolleyes: really son? HOW YOU GONNA SON ME SON HOW U GONNA DO THAT
  14. they do, they sometimes do roller pieces, i think they call it grapixo or something. its basically just roller tags with 3d's but its not really rocked heavily and not to throw retna off, but they hav been rocking this style since the mid 80's pixasao was the first graffiti to come out of brazil inspired by heavy metal band logos.
  15. thomas, you left us young, but what remained was a fire of creativity in all of our hearts. not the one to fall, ever. wish we could have talked more, but thats my own problem. we all miss you back here, wherever that is. coolKid Alot
  16. B, i loved the fact that no matter where you were in life you always spoke to me like a person, and for this i have always respected you. i enjoyed the fact that even tho you had an ego and a royal personality you could always step out and down and be humble. all those times at the church parking lot or at lost weekends alley, even at society hill, no matter where, you where always bernie to me. glad to know you mane.
  17. yo can we stop putting weezy on blast? take all that shit down
  18. damn dao's face has become a staple spam pic on 12oz for a few years now.
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