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  1. This needs to been seen again.
  2. So you stopped watching 7th Heaven too, right?
  3. Looks like a good time. The flicks came out good even with the camera-phone handicap.
  4. 7th heaven? You're kidding me?
  5. I'm pretty sure I acknowledged two of his responses--that being they were relevant to the subject at hand.
  6. Before I could even get the words out.
  7. Oh, no--I got it. I just wanted to clarify that I wasn't bragging on knowing some shitty pseudo soap actress.
  8. I never said she was hot; neither do soaps have the slightest to do with acting.
  9. A girl I went to school with was on one of the more popular ones for a while.
  10. It's good stuff. I'm glad the new episodes are up.
  11. Hahahaha, she's that fucked up from the accident?
  12. I must have missed you alluding to that earlier.
  13. Dear left shoe, Where the hell are you?
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