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Attn SLUTS: Have sex with an old man for $4000!!!!!!!!

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7th chick:


Hey sweetheart. i found your ad on craigslist and i was kind of interested in learning more. You can check out all my pics on myspace.com Thanks and please get back to me.




2nd response:


Im actually by tracy but it wouldnt be a problem going to the bay area. Thanks


3rd response:


Did you find anyone? I attached photos.

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8th chick:


Hi! I'm totally interested in your ad. To be honest, I have never done anything like this before, so i'm not sure if you're looking for more experiences women. I would love to hear more if you are interested. I am including a couple of pictures, but I don't sen pictures that are explicit over email for obvious reasons. thanks!


oh yeah, I am latina 5;"2, very petite,but curvy, long brown/black hair, 25 yrs old, but look younger, in shape, around 95lbs. thanks!






2nd response:


hi! well, i'm in the bay area. Anyway, thank your for your consideration, but no thanks. i've never had to await my 'status' when it comes to a modeling or sex gig. I'm not interested anymore. thank you anyway.




(conceited hoe)





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my final e-mail :


Hello all,


First off, I would like to thank everybody who responded to my ad. Unfortunately, only one of you has been chosen. Congratulations to Shawna! (I will e-mail you with all of the contact information tonight)


I determined who would appear on my personal website based on age and looks. It was a very difficult decision, especially since many of you fit the criteria, however I only have time to do one shoot every 3 or 4 months.


All pictures and e-mails will be deleted for confidentiality. However, if you would like me to keep your pictures and e-mails for an upcomming shoot, please respond and inform me to do so.


Thank you once again for everybody who responded and best of luck!



lol...it goes to show what some people will do for money.

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On the Opie and Anthony show, they were trying to start this contest where they would blow a bunch of money around an office with a leaf blower. The naked female contestants are supposed to try and grab as much as possible within 2-3 minutes or something. Catch is, they could only keep it if they rolled it up, put a condom on it (or not) and stuck it in their vag, or butt, or both...


They only got 1 interested caller... and she was a stripper. go figure.

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