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  1. Starscape flix anyone?
  2. Thinking of teaching English in Taiwan and they obviously have a lot of graff over there. How is it over there as far as painting, being an American citizen painting in Taiwan how would it be, any ideas?
  3. This thread is so entertaining sometimes
  4. people talk too much... Nice to see some dane and that teror is tight.
  5. The E's on that Erge, amer
  6. Bump the shit out of nice weather and fuck the buff!
  7. This thread sucks now, it used to be mad titties and hot girls, who wants to see graff on some chicks back or ankle, wwwwhhhhaaaaccccckkkkk!
  8. http://www.12ozprophet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=122174&page=68
  9. DIZAMN!!! Baltimore's lookin good! Erge, Seir, THUS, Arek, Ryke!
  10. Seah! and Gauz, and the Soviet but just cause everyone else is doing it.
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