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  1. unfinished aids entry and i'm sorry but i feel like i need to be a douchebag and show this off go ahead, hate
  2. ruck try turning up the contrast when you scan stuff so the lines show up more
  3. thye just look kinda bitten because they have a somewhat generic style, plus some of the letters don't fit or suck ass compared to some letters next to it. otherwise i would say, simplify those letters, because some of those extentions are wiggity wiggity wack
  4. she might be like, 12 or whatever, but i can hate
  5. if guy can't post more sketches, simples, hand, throws, everything on par with that sketch, then it's def a bite
  6. post some more sketches up then
  7. colors are nice as always amk, i love the m, don't really like the char's leg, but otherwise char is dope
  8. freak next time you're around i'll kill a page for you, come around this summer
  9. workin on throws bottom of the n is a little weird gonna re outline this unfinished
  10. it's def called a blamtallica
  11. picture is shitty, don't care at the moments
  12. she gotta get into the crack game, needs re up money
  13. i got permabanned forever from 4chan...
  14. blart.BOS


    thread needs flicks of the chase
  15. idunno if anyone's seen this, but 12oz is in there "Grafitti Forum Posting: http://www.12ozprophet.com Screen names: Inkheadscrew and Antigraff"
  16. shamo, shut the fuck up sare do simples define, scrap that, total garbage serg keep workin on it
  17. kill yourself, and maybe in another life, do some fucking simples SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE
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