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  1. wow....kinda speechless to this one.
  2. for working I know you send me IM's from that weapons lab you post it at in florida
  3. 1. Yeah, i do! I fucking love it! 2. Why would i want to fly you out here? So I can waste 5 minutes of my time and $350 of my cash? Hell no. You drove across three states to get in a swamp gang brawl and you can;t drive out here? 3. Nope, didn't get fired.
  4. oooo yeah! She had a bit part in that movie the fifth element
  5. So what's your excuse sneak?
  6. Re: 12oz Weather Forcast Raining here in SF
  7. most likely to punk out if he ever met me: ayebee
  8. SKinhead Skinhead, puttin' in the boot Lookin' for a straight fight Lookin' for a root
  9. I'm Lens On this board you either love me or hate me or love to hate me. I started posting here in 2003. I'm known for my shameless objectification and pursuit of asian women. A good majority of the mods hate me but thanks to corporate sponsorship, i can never really be wiped from these boards. Kind of like Cameron Hodge from the X-Men comics but minus the grotesque appearence. I used to post under LENS which was changed to Gunm but seeking and ABC decided "hey, fuck him" and banned that name something to the tune of 6 times before I just said fuck it and created the short lived "Chlorine Milkshake" Then I thought of "Her Thing Had Teeth" because I liked the vagina ringed with steel fangs on the cover of Pharcydes first (and only decent ) album I help form Channel Zero's "Most Hated" contingent comprised of me, High Society, Sneak, EastBayPirateHouse and a couple others. Go Team! My nemeisis(s) on this board include: AyeBee, Seeking, ABC, Gliko (off and on), Rueben Kinkaid, Crackbaby
  10. Re: MSPAINT MAST0R No, you shut the fuck up I could do something like that but do i really want to toss so many of my life points on the bonfire? No Fuck no
  12. gay graffiti writers....what else is new? oh yeah, cuddly handjobs ::lens just made his own skin crawl::
  13. seeing you banned would be good
  14. Most likely to be in a poll: Boogie Hands
  15. Most Liekly to Stalk a Girl: SpreadAids
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