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    Do Work

    Who here wouldn't fuckin' love to hear the story behind the unfinished Snafu and gafi? I know I would.
  2. korokys


    ichabod is great
  3. killer shit up in here year vegan colt isto sluts riot
  4. killer shit up in here year vegan colt isto sluts riot
  5. I dont get this...I think if noone replies to this thread for 30 days everyone will forget it exists...I think it's a scam........hopefully I win
  6. There are 1,118,745 people in the U.S. with the first name ___________ Statistically the 29th most popular first name. There are 14,239 people in the U.S. with the last name ___________ Statistically the 2664th most popular last name. There are 52 people in the U.S. named_______________________
  7. screw you guys its decent here -9C i dont know what that is in farenheit....but its nice comparitivley because lately its been like -30C...at least now I can go outside for some hockey
  8. HERE'S YOUR SOUVENIR BITCH!...in flat black(depending on if the hummer ain't black)...also make sure there isn't cameras...have fun revenge is the best
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