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  1. Go here, it will help.. http://veganmenu.blogspot.com/
  2. Had these both on tap last night.. and Breakfast Stout from 2010
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=47tXpKkpMco&feature=related
  4. Some of my local bottle shop/bar's selection. Over a 1,000 beers.
  5. Re: Best Man (nohomo) Speech "I love you mann! your like a brotha too mee!"
  6. Yea i dont like the big pony stuff though, too flashy.


    I know you guys will like this video. Show yinz what a real race is like, Pittsburgh style baby!
  8. Yonder Mountain String Band John Denver Fashawn M83. This album was great. Deer tick! Also... I was at one point thinking of making a thread for this guy hes that much of a beast, but i know everyone does not like the same music as me, so yea w/e. But anyway this dude 'B. WHITE' of the 58's, is a BEAST! Not only can he spit fire, lyrically he is beyond on point in my own opinion. I feel as though i can relate to him @ certain points,being from the same city and all, and he is not a gimmick rapper by any means. Like he says: 'Fuck music, i think its amus
  9. Never really got fired, just quit or left the job as i got bored, and other job offers arrived. Used to show up all high and drunk to do telemarketing from like 7-11 pm. Would be too high to try an talk to people and sell them shit, and too drunk to care. (Selling magazines, the whole gig sucked, dreadful job, but it was the only job i could find at that time) So i would just sit there with the phone on mute, and act like im talking to someone. Also fucking with people on the phone while telemarketing. Used to work at a big fancy gym in the heart of the city. I would close at night a
  10. I will never be buying, or drinking this again. This shit taught my ass a lesson, couldnt even get out of bed all sunday. One of the worst migranes ive ever had. Terrible.
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