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so the whole thing starts at a good will store, the one my moms used to shop at when we was kids. its me, my girl(soon to be fiance) and my old man, and we doin arrons or something. randomly my dad says:

"dont you know those guys over there?"


its a couple of the store clerks, who just happened to also be kids i would get into fights with way back in the day. i go up to him and start talking shit, why? i dont know. we exchange shit talk and depart our seperate ways.


on the way out we pass a sams club, which has a riot ensuing outside of it cause it's "special saturday". and niggas is actin like its super bowl sunday.


we stop by my work which isn't my work at all and pick up some reallllly old photos of the family back from like 89 before my dad bounced out. weird.


we then are driving, its just finished raining and the roads are wet, i try to stop for a red at an intersection filled with cops and i end up skidding all the way to the other side of the intersection. the cops stop me and give me hell i tell all of em to fuck off, at one point while we're waiting i am hanging out the window cursing at all of em, they come back and tell me that there are warrants out...


they then inform me that the warrants are out on my brother(who is the exact opposite of me when it comes to getting in trouble with the law)...

...i start lauging outload histaricly.

the cops send us on our way.



where the cop stopped us just happeneed to be in front of some block party which looks like was maybe in a neighbor hood in northwest it dedfinatly wasn't southside(dc has 4 quadrants NW NE SE SW, arlington has northside and southside and then theres old town alexandria, and all of these together make up the diamond wich you see on a dc map)


so at this block party there is a jazz band playing but stops playing when ever the cops pass, come to think of it it was more like a "big band" type of band, like some glen miller shit.


we decide "fuck it" and check ou the party.

i naturally find my way to a kitchen which is where the grub is.

there is a teacher there that i used to know, i confront him on molesting kids back in the day

me:i know you did that shit

him:i never touched you shut up

me:naw but you touched kids and shit

him:so what

long silence and stare

me:ima cut your dick off


so i proceede to grab the sharpest BUTTER KNIFE i can find and go after him and as soon as im about to take his private off active duty my dad comes in and says its time to go. so we go. homie got off easy.


i cant remember what happened to my dad but me and my girl are driving in JEEPDOG and get on the freeway, i miss an exit and we get lost. we end up crashing JEEPDOG and blowing all four tires in front of some apartment building.


i try to call my dad to get a lift but everytime i call his number some lady picks up, this lady just happens to be walking out of the building and we both notice, me and my girl explain the situation and she brings us into the lobby to chill with her and a few of her freinds. the lady asks if we would like to smoke a joint, figuring if anything would help put perspective on the situation, a fat j would...we accept. my girl tells her to let me roll the shit cause i roll the best joints ever(this is true actually). so im rolling this joint and a group of black kids are walking outside, one of them says something like "whitey this whitey that" to the lady so i chase the kid down and start lecturing him on how race is irrelevent in america and how its a class society now, and all the while im explaining this, a crackhead is pullin on my shoe.


i give the kid a firm warning and walk back inside, they are all gone so i walk to the lady's apartment. INSIDE THE APARTMENT IS THAT SAME FUCKING JAZZ BAND FROM THE BLOCK PARTY, i tell those dudes to shut the fuck up, they reconize. im looking around and they(including my girl) are killing the roach, they didn't even wait for me and i am pissed. i tell them all to fuck off and me and my girl leave(people who are stingy piss me off especialy weed stingy, always share your smoke)


as we are walking out my girl races ahead of me. way ahead of me. and jumps in some dudes car and speeds off as im throwin shit at his whip.

now im bout to kill someone, i AM HEATED!

i start punching random mother fuckers in the face all over the place, anyone i see, i punch in the face, and then my old cell mate that i havin't seen in like 5 years, randomly jumps outta car and puts me in check.

i had to walk home from where ever the fuck we were.


i get home and theres my girl sitting in my bed.

i tell her she has 45 sec. to get the fuck out of my house for that shit she pulled. she gives me the whole "im sorry baby why baby" shit.


i ask her if the dude in the car is morgan(her ex boy freind/baby daddy, she had a kid when she was 14, and her aunt adopted it, this kid is a peice of shit and she knows if i ever meet him i'll give him a new face, she hates him more than i do)

she says yes it was him.

i ask her if she fucked him

she says yes.


at this point im about to kill her

for real


but i realize that the girl im talking to cant be my girl cause my girl is a sweetheart and would never do that shit, i've been through enough sluts to know she aint one, this whole situation is totally unrealistic, i realize its a dream and i wake up.


it was on a matrix level of realistic, shit felt so real.


i've heard that dreams are supposed to have signifigant purposes, so i've decided im changin my ways, for real

no more of these wack ass oxys yeah my mouth hurts but its nothing a spliff and some gritt cant take care of.

im serriously gonna get my shit together, finish school, pay my bills, taxes(eh, maybe). and definatly start being more loving and generous twoards my loved ones.

i aint gonna stop smokin weed cause lets face it, im from dc, and that shit just dont happen here. but i will stop getting into fights, for real. i aint even been in too many latley, but im done with that shit.

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Originally posted by Yellow Feets@Nov 23 2005, 05:54 AM




Nigga had a bad dream and now he's "changing his life".



But he's still gonna smoke weed.

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have no issue with tess.


that guy is ok..

he hasnt ever pissed me off..

none of yinz have ever pissed me off, i wouldnt get that involved


the only thing that would piss me off is if something happened to me like what happened to chupa...the photo project thing...


have to go glik0 on em and regulate in the real world



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Originally posted by 8onus+Nov 22 2005, 11:23 PM--><div class='quotetop'>QUOTE (8onus - Nov 22 2005, 11:23 PM)</div><div class='quotemain'><!--QuoteBegin-GEEB@Nov 23 2005, 01:19 AM

Did you get to Smash!?


in the dream...naw.


aww. its all good, i have sometimes have some bad dreams that are so real i wake up and thank jebus it was just a dream. in the mean while my subconcious is saying "gotcha bitch!"

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Oh man, what a shitty ending. That is the worst cop out. My grade six teacher would hate on students when they wrote a story that ended like that.


I can't believe I just read that.

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pfft: that's cool.


i just find it funny how there wasn't a person here who didn't love tess, then all of a sudden they turn on him like he's the grinch that stole xmas. of all the mods, he's probably the most level-headed and responsible.

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8onus, you should tell your fiance not to fuck around, and when she asks "what??", you say "yeah, bitch - I told you." with a real mean glare.

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weed is good, but everyone knows too many oc's will have you fucked up.


you made the right decision.

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