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  1. ive got a good immune system too.. everyone around me is falling out right now and ive got a few pimples. instead of getting sick, i get acne. its weird.
  2. well.. there is a vinyl emulator and then there is the cheat function (dont know what its called.. help me out).. it takes no skill to auto bpm your songs and drop the needle directly on a cue point without looking and drop it in loop. if you are using it as if you were spinning vinyl, then yes, it takes skill. there is no tell-tale groove on the record looking up at you telling you where the break is. but word.. if i had the loot, id be all over it.. i use two decks and a i have a cdj for my mp3s... would get serato if i didnt spend so much loot on vinyl. peace seeking
  3. aint got nothing on that annoying devil.
  4. Jus Allah of Jedi Mind Tricks is playing at galapagos art space on Saturday 9-1. ;) im dj'ing in the second room.. ha! thats all i know about whats what in bk today.
  5. i checked out the park.. i guess a friend of mines father owns the place.. hahah.. http://www.wyomingvalleysportsdome.com/SkateLayout.htm .. real nice. pictures here.. http://www.wyomingvalleysportsdome.com/2006skateparkopening.html http://www.hotrails.com/Sk8parks/sportsdome.htm im anxious like im 16 again. im meeting up with the kiddo on sunday.. i may make a warmup visit on saturday so i dont look too rusty.
  6. well.. my mother-in-law voluntered me to teach her co-workers 11 year old son how to skate.. shes so good at that, and i dont have the heart to say no... so i went out and bought a new stuntwood.. new deck, indi trucks, bones 54mm, avec 7's.. and now im going to get back on the halfpipe this sunday.. first time on a skateboard in over a year. best believe my old ass is going to be doing those streches... im still sore from playing extreme badminton over a week ago.
  7. Re: Brothels as tourist destinations haha.. they have a grip of BYOB strip clubs here.. you pay a 5 spot at the door, get beligerant drinking your own beer and tip a dolla if you impressed. this area caters to bastard drunks.
  8. Damn Joker is on Point! Cannon Beach.. And Manzanita too. I have not lived in Portland since 2000.. but Portland has got to be my favorite place in America. Check out the Saturday Market too... and mind the hippies.
  9. she signed an affidavit saying he wasnt the father.. the court is still pressing him to pay. fuck crazy bitches.. the court is crazy.
  10. Can we say, WHAT THE FUCK?!?!? A bitch can file for support even if its not your kid.. and it stands up in court??? http://www.cnn.com/2007/US/07/11/paternity.cases/index.html
  11. Columbus seemed pretty cool. Didnt do much in Cinci tho.. except watch a friend get arrested on some "we know you must be holding something, but feel free to come into our club, then watch as three of our bouncers grab you and pull you out of the side door, so our cop friend can turn you inside out, then load you into the car and take you to jail" type steez. fuck that place.
  12. um.. his parents were/are jewish.. they go shvitzing with the "Big Jew" of the temple, eh mar??? but yes, he went on tour and became a hippie/jew/rasta .. the end.
  13. what happened with jason adams and creature? didnt he start that company with barker barrett? i remember when that shit was just getting off? http://www.creatureskateboards.com/home.php
  14. there are only 3 million phones for the released.. they will sell out, and few smart people will make a lot of loot of off many dumb people. its how we do. i got a vinyl im sitting on.. going to make over 10 times what i paid for it. god bless america.
  15. kimbo vs. tank.. i hope tank connects with one of his haymakers.. i love watching those things connect more than watching kimbo lumping on people.
  16. -------- These two quotes are connected, except mero forgot travel.
  17. Re: the naked baby from Nirvana's "Nevermind" album fuck that.. we need the real answers... is he a slave to industry like the picture depicts? does he hear jimmy? does he pop the pimples or let them run their course?
  18. this about sums it up.. taken off a youtube comment..
  19. i would like to see the daze in the game.. just to make the comparison.
  20. but you know when you are going to die.. so it doesnt count.
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