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  1. I hate new england winters. that shit is for the birds. I was talking about that shit with the homie perve last night then I made fun of his accent.
  2. crooked is nice..I remember when he first came out (no..this is gettin stupid) he needs to get some decent producers though. Those hip hop weekly joints he been dropping for the last decade are getting tired.
  3. I couldn't imagine hanging out with the nigga wayne, he would definitely "try" you and judging from his interviews he's an arrogant asshole on top of all that so you'd have to woop the niggas ass and then he'd probably try to drug you or some shit if you didn't cooperate. you know what, no homo on that whole last paragraph
  4. Joell Ortiz is an overated nigga. smh@ niggas comparing him to Pun. I like him alright though, no hate i dl'd the cd.
  5. wait mang, what you mean by "prolific" nobody's arguing that the nigga ain't prolific. all that means is that he done put in work. Shit if I sold 10 p's to 20 whiteboys in under 4 hours. I would be prolific, that doesn't neccessarily mean i'm the best though.
  6. "if she don't give head she a nimrod I will never save her name on my sim card" ha, shit like that makes me smile though. BTW that nigga need to be smacked comparing himself to Malcolm thats like Khumar comparing himself to Ghandi.
  7. ha, Lil Wayne ain't gon' be dropping no immortal tech-like gems no time soon. it is what it is. Trilly, though he is like the only entertainer that even mentions the katrina shit in there songs anymore, for what that's worth.
  8. true, I know a lot of stupid niggas with degrees. Shit the smartest nigga I know has like 3 felonies and a GED. That nigga is like a walking encyclopedea, just not the best decision maker.
  9. haha, I can date a non crazy non alcoholic bitch. Wait does soulmate mean y'all have shit in common. Cuz then she would have to be crazy and alcoholic.
  10. whatup with the vip membership. What does that get you, Krink or some shit? Someone elighten me.
  11. ha, I made songs like that for years. See where it got me, posting on 12oz. smh
  12. yeah I feel you. I don't think that immortal tech, etc couldn't ever be on the radio. But I definitely think the machine the industry has built up to support itself over the years definitely makes it a lot harder for niggas with anything to say to get heard. And yeah, the nigga cam is hi-larious. "I gave her the sanchez, yes the dirty one".
  13. i dunno. that comment was buried in some youtube I seen a while back. it was one of those "wow" moments though.
  14. Yeah, I hear you. I mean the nigga is a rapper I guess we should be judging his rappin at the end of the day. but at the same time, it's a lot of impressionable 14 year olds out there that find it hard enough to seperate fantasy from reality in a rap song and i'm sure its doubly so when the nigga is running around in youtube interviews talking about "I will kill a newborn baby".
  15. is that what it is, I was wondering about that. How much is the donation and what are the perks?
  16. ha, I feel Kanye I also "question him"
  17. for me it's less about Weezy being gay than him representing everything that is decadent, corrupt and fucked up about our society in general. Not only representing it, but celebrating it. I saw an interview with this nigga where he started the reply to a question "like Martin Luther King said do what the fuck you want". I mean really nigga, I feel a line was crossed. This nigga is like a walking, breathing episode of The Boondocks.
  18. yeah basically, that bitch crazy as hell after the court cases (none) and what not I got over it.
  19. also to stay on topic, lil wayne has good (unique) delivery and is charismatic, but seems like a piece of shit as far as being a decent human being goes. but whatever, that song he got with jeezy go hard, the nigga hot right now (nh) but I mean really kissing grown niggas left and right? Ionknow.
  20. haha, whatup people, it's been a minute. Fatalist hit me up, I got the same phone, you? Whatup Shai, Mar, Casek, I should be around more often. I got rid of ol girl (kinda) so I gots some time.
  21. whatup casek, long time. where errybody at?
  22. example http://www.ocweekly.com/music/music/the-keys-to-her-art/28213/ The Efron Scandal Lil Wayne’s New Project Puts the High in High School Musical By BEN WESTHOFF Thursday, December 13, 2007 - 2:00 pm Lil Wayne contemplates conquering the Disney Channel demographic. Photo courtesy Lil Wayne. With his long dreadlocks, croaking voice and penchant for zaniness, Lil Wayne is an unpredictable MC. He’s also a prolific one, releasing albums and mixtapes by the handful. In 2007, he recorded guest verses with everyone from Shakira to Little Brother. But his newest collaboration will have even his most die-hard fans scratching their heads. In an attempt by the not-quite mainstream rapper to reach a wider range of fans, the 24-year-old Wayne has announced that he will rap on the CD remix to the latest installment of the High School Musical franchise, titled High School Musical 2: Non-Stop Dance Party. “Yup, I had to do that,” Wayne says with his trademark high-voltage smile, shortly after welcoming me into his Miami Beach mansion. “I’m trying to reach those suburban white kids like Kanye did.” Disney Channel’s High School Musical is a pop-culture phenomenon, having sold millions of DVDs and millions more CD soundtracks. But its clean-cut characters and positive themes don’t seem to jibe with Wayne’s lyrical content, which tends to focus on giant spliffs of marijuana and boasts about receiving sloppy fellatio. “I’m just being me,” Wayne insists, leading a tour of his recently purchased oceanfront house, which features a faux-bronze statue of his own nude figure, and a Juicy Fruit-dispensing bathroom attendant who lives on the premises full-time. He adds that the project was set in motion after a chance meeting with High School Musical star Zac Efron. “Zac and me was both in San Francisco a few months ago for a comic book convention or something, and we met at an afterparty at some bar,” he says, pausing to break down pieces of pungent pot to roll into a joint. “To get away from these girls that was chasing him, he ducked into the bathroom and I followed him in there. I was like, ‘What’s crackin’, my brother from another mother?’” At that very moment—as if on cue—the San Luis Obispo-born Efron himself emerges from Wayne’s den. I’ll later learn that the 20-year-old brunette heartthrob is crashing in Wayne’s guest room while the two work on their High School Musical songs together, but for now it’s like seeing a polar bear in the middle of the Brazilian rain forest. “What’s up, my nigga?” Efron says, giving Wayne a pound, a hug, and then, to my astonishment, a full-on kiss, reminiscent of the one Wayne famously gave his surrogate father Baby last year. (Obviously, Efron is going to have to work harder to squelch rumors surrounding his sexual orientation.) “I’ve been a big fan of Wayne for a long time,” says Efron, emerging from the embrace and cueing up a CD player. “These are the cuts we just finished. Dope, right?” I wish I could share his enthusiasm, but the songs are a bit jarring, to say the least. On “All for One,” Efron sings the chorus—“Everybody all for one, a real summer has just begun! Let’s rock and roll and just let go, feel the rhythm of the drums. We’re gonna have fun in the sun!”—while Wayne raps: “I’m a dog, you’re all a bunch of fleas on my dick. Driving a Jag, er, like my name was Mick. I’m so sour like cream with chives, and my sperm will make your face break out in hives.” When they ask for my honest opinion about their new songs, I mutter something about them being “outside the box” and “memorable.” Though my answer is clearly insincere, Wayne seems unfazed. “This isn’t the only thing I got going on right now,” he says, as the two young celebrities walk me out. “I just did songs with Mannheim Steamroller, something for the new Raffi album, and 16 bars in Spanish on Ricky Martin’s new one.” Does Wayne ever get overwhelmed by the pace of his high-flying lifestyle? “Hell, no! This is how I live! I get up in the morning, get my dick sucked four times, drink a Molson’s, and then hang out with Zac. What, do you want me to go to Hawaii for a vacation? You got a job, but this is my vacation right here.” Adds Efron, “Word!” wow
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