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  1. Nah man, you're brainwashed by society. If that law was never passed then you would have never been conditioned to think that way.
  2. When our grandparents were young it wasn't out of the ordinary for a 21 year old dude to marry a 14 year old girl. And nobody considered the guy to be a pervert. These days he could be locked the fuck up and labled a "sexual predator" and never be able to get a decent job or meet a wife that would be willing to start a family with him. Imagine if that happened to your grandfather.
  3. You gotta realize that this whole phenominon of "it's wrong to fuck a teenager and you're a scumbag if you do" is relatively new and stems from a law that is also relatively new. Basically you're brainwashed into beleiving that it's wrong even though it's normal human nature, just because someone with political power was tired of his daughter slutting around and wanted someone other than his daughter to be punished for it. So a law was passed and now all of a sudden it's "bad" to want to fuck a 17 year old slut. Before it was illegal it was normal common practice. And for the most part still is--> wheather people want to admit it or not.
  4. So now I'm a skumbag for being human? I wonder what's the age difference of your grandparents and how old were they when they met? And their parents? :dozey:
  5. Thats a pretty lame injury. A candle? I ripped my finger in half once because I tried to manual a computer. 12 stiches Quoted post [/b] HOW THE FUCK YOU GET 6 STAPLES FROM A FUCKING CANDLE???? DRINK SOME MILK OR SOMETHING!!!
  6. SF1


    And why the fake black people look like they're either from a Lynell Richie video or an episode of "Good Times" and the fake white people look like they from an early 90's bad sit-com?
  7. SF1


    Not only does this show look like it's gonna be the worst show in history.... but thanks to the constant comercials I cant get that fucking anoying horrible song out of my head! :headache: Fuck you Ice Cube!... the fuck happened to you???
  8. That's beside the point. But probably older than you.
  9. That's gay. Some of yall are just putting on an act. In real life there's nothing wrong with fucking a 17 year old hottie and if confronted with the situation and the knowledge that nobody would find out you would fuck her brains out. I don't care if you're in your late twenties. Some of you cats are mad pretentious.
  10. I love it when you find cash chillin in the paper change slot in the self checkout at Home Depot. one time I found a $50 bill blowin around in the street. :king:
  11. You smoke too much pot.
  12. Heh, we come from the world of real people sex... where virginity is a detriment and experience is GOLDEN! There's no teen on earth who can match the raw sexual fury of a 36 year old woman in the middle of a nasty divorce who hasn't had sex for 4 months. Quoted post [/b] Although I've never had sex with a 34 year old in the middle of a divorce.... I've had sex with plenty women my own age or close enough to it. And plenty of teenagers too. And it seems to me like women get lazy or jaded after a certain age. When they're young (teenagers) they're more enthusiastic and all about trying everything. They usually cum quicker and more often and they usually want to fuck more often. When they've already been around the block a few times they already know what they like and want it exactly the same everytime. They pretend like they don't know how to suck a good dick because they just don't feel like doing it. And they don't want to fuck as often because they've already been there and done that and are more concerned with finding a husband than having a good time. This might just be my experiences, but I've talked with alot of heads that agree.
  13. Nah.... Black people hate Asians more than they hate white people. At least where I'm from.
  14. This is weird. Unless it's a virgin, the best sex I've ever had was with teenage girls. Everybody I know agrees. Where do you people come from???
  15. He already said that the age of consent in his state is 16. He doesn't have to worry about prison sex.
  16. SF1


    I don't know anything about "House MD" but yes, FOX will lie.
  17. Seriously though... It sounds like you found quality, but you're worried about societal stigma. The same thing as peer pressure. You're worried somebody's gonna call you a pervert even though it feels right and isn't even illegal. If you spend too much time worrying abuot what other people (jealous haters) are gonna say you might miss out on alot in life.
  18. Sounds like you caught a virgin. My experiences with 15 year olds were usually pretty good.
  19. This is false. Younger girls want sexless relationships with dudes their own age, and sex with the older dudes they're cheating on their boyfreinds with.
  20. Don't be such a pussy! Do it!!!! No matter what people tell you, she is in her sexual prime. Probably the best pussy you've had in years. Just make sure you keep it known that it is what it is. Last thing you need is a 17 year old girlfreind. Then again my wife was 17 when we first smashed. And we was just hittin it for at least a year or two before we got serious.
  21. Mexicans can't handle their liquor.
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