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==============Mt. St. Helens Erupting Again.... Right now!!!!


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Originally posted by 1988

So is it going to erupt? I say its a good possibility. At least within the next few months.


The earthquake that hit California the other day probably unlodged some

magma beneath the volcano. Right now we're seeing ash and steam, but

it's possible that later on today, later on this week even, the thing could

start spewing lava. It won't be as bad as the 1980 one, though, when

1000 ft. of the top of the mountain blew the fuck off.

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Originally posted by Poop Man Bob

Yeah, that's the Bush campaign trying to divert the press's attention away from Kerry's victory last night.








ever heard of ionosphere 'weapons'? real live weather control devices?


no joke.


here's a link to some real nonleathal weapons that might knock your socks off, pmb


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There are still diapers in the dump from when you were a kid. Remember when you had your first kiss? Your poop was still sitting in one of your diapers. Remember when you got your drivers license? Your poop was still there, in your diapers near the surface of a landfill near the city or town where you lived when young.


Anthropologists still argue about dietary habits of early man. In 1000 years archeologists will have absolutely no trouble figuring out what we ate as toddlers.


Doesn't that amaze you? Doesn't it seem weird that something you ate on your second birthday and pooped on the day after your second birthday is still around? Used cake and ice cream neatly wrapped in an indestructible set of Huggies. Your crap has outlasted entire marriages.


I'm on something of a personal crusade against disposable diapers. My son wears the cloth kind, even though the diaper companies are trying to make me feel guilty because the less absorbent cloth diapers aren't as comfortable. I'm sorry, I didn't realize that he was supposed to be comfortable sitting in his own crap. This is kind of like ebonics, isn't it? I don't really understand that, either.


I figure now is a good time that the kid learns he shouldn't be peeing his pants. No, I'm not some cruel dad that wants him potty-trained pronto, but I figure the less comfortable he is in a pool of urine, the easier he will be to potty train. He's already showing signs of being a studious pupil.


It's a cruel world, a world where we aren't always comfy. To illustrate my point, just the other day my chauffeur drove me down the street to the mailbox in my stretch limo. During the entire two block drive, the rear passenger side climate control system was stuck on "medium." The water in the built-in hot tub was barely hot at all!


A homeless man who was washing my windows at a stop sign was able to temporarily fix it for me. For his tip, when he was through fixing it, I didn't yell "Mugger!" and spray him with mace like I usually do. I even told Randolph to let him finish washing my windows before continuing home.


Tomorrow I'll unbar the cellar door and free the maid for the afternoon so that she can drive it to the repair shop for a permanent fix. She needs to get out once in awhile, and I'm sure the heck not sitting in a chilly vehicle all the way across town. Besides, my son's cloth diapers leaked all over the back seat and she can clean it up while she waits for them to fix the vehicle.


2001-01-10 02:54:32

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