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  1. Thanks for working it out! Just got an email notified order is complete.
  2. Since there's no FAQ section, I'll ask here. The address I provided for delivery isnt the same as billing address, is that a problem? Order #752
  3. ^^^ wow, need a report on the finished product. Been in n out of these rooms all morning.
  4. I guess I missed something but how did Mero get from blogspot to Vice?
  5. Scratching my balls and chin deep in my thoughts.
  6. I'm glad this forum is back. Thanks for all the effort.
  7. damn... finna be able to log into this place. So I'm looking to get a bike and i would like to hear your opinion on this piece "1975 Honda CB360T Runs good, all original (paint too) except for pipes. New tires. 07251 miles & Classic plates. Clear title in hand." obviously, it's not only like new but it's a trophies winnah! Buyer ask for 3200. What price should I start with? or any advice really.
  8. OHMAHGAWD!! DAH CUPCAKEZ N DAH PORKBELLAHZ!!! I feel like I can reach through and take all that from you. Well played, buddy.
  9. gawddaumhn!!! this whole page :scrambled: .... '88 brings the funk back to the future!
  10. audrey horne nahmean...
  11. I really can't understand why people love this broad so much, she's annoying even in porn. For serious. This one.
  12. Post those flicks. For fun. You're welcome.
  13. wonksaggiN, challenge me with your rap drawing skills.
  14. YO COMPLEX! Thank you for bringin' hiphop back into my life dawg! peace and one love. ps. those blogs are tremendous... 5 arrows style point.
  15. Good damn... So many things to like in your photos Banana fishd. Great job curating that lot in your home.
  16. I'm offended at the fact that they didn't even try to washed or sanitized their hands after. Disappointed in our soldiers.
  17. had this earlier today... yours looks legit. vietnamese approved.
  18. Lars, my inturwebz senses tell me that I like your attitude. Moar for 2012.
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