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  1. W.W. Hanks starting to get into some shit...
  2. ^^ you gotta put the recipe for that fish soup up... asap.
  3. anything in san francisco during labor day weekend?
  4. cause niggas still gotta eat. 12oz hook up if you want it brah.... :)
  5. Dudes, get these for yourself so you can form into supercoolatron and break female hearts or to make your baby's mama happy cause you be styling on her. Ladies, get these for your baby's daddy cause you love him and it keep your relationship strong. Most importantly, buy these because I want the money for cancer treatment. Cancer is no joke. Size 11. Please contact for more photos or any questions regarding the products posted. Prices are negotiable, send an offer if you are comfortable. More than happy for local pick-up. Paypal is fine, just add 4% internet tax. I can ship, give a locati
  6. Sheen Bros ft. Greg Nice - It's So Hot
  7. and some thai tea after. Asian steez in full effect today.
  8. justaname


    viking rape quest.
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=glWsvwpKSbo&feature=related I laughed but what the fuck is going on with this girl?
  10. I thought of Borat when I read then I saw dude's picture posted, I LoLed. If they are not doing anything wrong, they shouldn't worry about being spied on. I second the leak just to make sure they abide by the law.
  11. WTF is DOA? a lot of places on the 6th are fuckin overrated and most of the people at those places always be giving dickface look. why are we typing like this? forsit, try doyles next time. favorite bar in the tac.
  12. Someone explain what the fuck is this about?
  13. yo, u be grubbin at the red hot? they got some fine beers and that cajun dog....daumn...... Edit: just to say I fucking missed napping...
  14. Dope camp spot and them ribz look delicious... I need to get out of the city.
  15. I think they gonna push his likeability to the limit this season, especially with his new found reason not to be slice by Gus if he can help it, by any means. I also think it's the reason this show is very good because it has a main character that adapt and change with the events. A well majority of main characters in TV shows and movies are just rainbows, cupcakes and unicorn. Walt is willing to step over all kind of shit to get things done. Jesse, you can tell from the first season that he will always be a soft dude. The fucking way he speaks and his emotional carried on with bitches.
  16. This thread is fucking heavy on the emotions. I can honestly count my the number of friends I have on one hand, with differently level of openess and trust. Some have been down right best and some I just feel uneasy at times. I'm glad to have a one true good friend that I've gone through a load of fucked up times and happy times. We were a solid unit when it comes to kicking it together or looking out for each other to getting our own things done. Dude had my back on many occasions and very much appreciate the fact. On the flip side, he's been down with this girl for a good while now-she's coo
  17. With that logic then I guess, shit happens.
  18. What you said about Amurrica? This is in Norway.
  19. C'mon! Son! Reallly, I get what you are saying but 11 shots. I think it's excessive for some small time crime like this. RIP
  20. My personal favorite. Find it when you are in town.
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