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  1. MountHolyoke

    mini-goat appreciation thread

  2. MountHolyoke

    Hobos, Tramps and Homeless Bums

    Looks real good! Excellent post...i love it! Burl looks good!
  3. MountHolyoke

    boston's sketch thread

    oh my god, enough already. this is clownish.
  4. MountHolyoke

    So I guess I'm OK at building shit

    I would love a light table. I'm in Boston... come build me one!
  5. MountHolyoke

    boston's sketch thread

    My N has one too, even more difficult to see. My letters are hung like a stack of dimes.
  6. MountHolyoke

    boston's sketch thread

  7. MountHolyoke

    boston's sketch thread

    some winter fun, maybe i'll post a few more later.
  8. MountHolyoke

    The Wire: Season 5

    I agree. I TOTALLY TAKE BACK whatever criticisms i made about the newsroom... This weekend i re-watched a few episodes from this season, and i had mis-judged. the newsroom is actually very interesting. I actually love the scenes where the reporters are critiquing each others' articles, and helping with word choice... it's a totally departure from the usual show, and it feels very real.
  9. MountHolyoke

    The Wire: Season 5

    okay, yeah... i guess it wasn't Dook. i thought it looked like him, and it was dark. i guess when the camera showed Michael, in my mind it confirmed my suspicion that it was duke. but i guess it wasn't.
  10. MountHolyoke

    Something really weird is going on with my house

    The only thing i can think of is that the door was OPEN when something fell and spilled, or whatever. and that's how it was spread across the threshold without touching the doors. that seems like a more sensible possibility than trying to figure out how it happened with the doors closed.
  11. MountHolyoke

    You're Fired

    i thought that was consulting, but i may be wrong...
  12. MountHolyoke

    Wii Recommendations!

    Way to go, Rage!
  13. MountHolyoke

    R.I.P. Tony Silver

    Not to argue, but i believe he appreciated it from an aesthetic point of view, as well. R.I.P.
  14. MountHolyoke

    The Wire: Season 5

    don't get me wrong. Marlo is the fucking man, and that whole aspect of the show is totally dope. I really just think McNulty is an idiot, and i can't believe he's getting away with that bullshit.
  15. MountHolyoke

    The Wire: Season 5

    i (kind of) agree.... I had really high hopes for the Baltimore Sun story arc, and i'm a bit dissappointed. I still think it's the best show on TV, but last season was better.