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Everything posted by justaname

  1. Really, how can you hate? We are done.
  2. "well... get back to work." The new season is well worth the wait and as always, the silence is beauty.
  3. So... How do you work this internet thang?
  4. Making it rain. It's raining right now. All morning long. How is your summer? man.
  5. Props for recognizing real... til infinity.
  6. I thought the same thing until I got a smart phone and now I caught myself looking ridiculous doing the magic wand thing with my finger. It has its benefits but just don't walk around on the streets while playing with that shit because it's just plain retarded. FB is fucking annoying most of the time, I feel incompetent every time I want to change or do anything to any of the function on there. I'm interested in this Google+ socialist machine though.
  7. So what they gonna do if the music that you upload was acquired through other mean instead of splitting with your hard earned cash?
  8. Re: And she loves to show Mero off, of course/smile every time his name shows up in the So no more "$ :(.00" bank account....
  9. saved some side money, always say you make less than you actually do. don't know you but congrats...
  10. Personally, I would smashed because I want to hear this girl sings with her face on the pillow. 'bout it...
  11. Nurk took time to answered all the inquiries but have not come up with one single pic of bewbs or a fair answer to all this homosexual undertone in his story... what happened bro?
  12. justaname


    uhkay bruh... I understand the "enjoyment of a different feeling riding a fixie" since you can't really argue with other people's enjoyment. I don't live around a lot of flat lands so I have no clue but I've seen a lot of fixies around. Why can't they press charge on the second action? attempted murder or vehicular homicide or some thing?
  13. justaname


    I really don't understand the huge uprising in popularity of fixed gear, I kind of do but doesn't make sense when it comes to riding it as a mode of every day transportation. I live in the nw and there's a lot of muhfukin' hills round here. It seems like a crazy inefficient way to get around. Do what u do but I just don't understand. So explain to me in 50 words or less.
  14. I like how they use one of those high school yearbook picture background for character portraits. Can't wait... I have a feeling this shit gonna become a husband/wife enterprise type shit....
  15. ballin' out on the internet at 4 am, duh! :king2:
  16. Breakfast Microwaveable all-stars champ! fried eggs with the garlic up top... mingled up together with some sriracha love Dinner Roman style tripe---nvrscrd roasted garlic and parsley some extra virgin, bit of balsamic with s/p and got this for the bread previously cooked tripe (1 hr with vinegar, vanilla extract and some pepper corn), red onion and 4 cloves of garlic homemade basic tomato sauce in.... 2 types of cheese with mint and the spread for that ass.... 45 mins later....... and this. and the drank...
  17. perv action.... just for you, internet.
  18. cooked up some shit.... made some rice basic tomato sauce and all of these to get this drank this and nom nom nom on this and some of that ass for taste
  19. grilled chicken + brussels sprouts + leftover spaghetti.......drizzle with thymesagebasilgarlicoliveoil.....
  20. last couple days.... #1 nice view and shit like that.... this is an ok ride with crazy stupid end point, a shopping mall. #2 wake up call / mid day time out / night research..... all that shiet... out and about.... food..... ninja mode.... super streets yo! moar food! End.
  21. justaname


    this shit here B, this shit right here.... this shit right here.....:D
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