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  1. justaname


    My ride, been good to me so far... I can see we gonna be together for awhile.
  2. this thread is almost worth because of that fucking cat :lol:
  3. Re: CLICK CLACK vs. WICK WACK Have always been a fan of this personality and this has taking it up to a few notches. MI:ONE, I hope you enjoy that piece.
  4. Re: fuck my life kung fu kick the baby before it comes out or get Maury.
  5. Re: Great Pictures~ Cool story. I heard the story somewhere but only the middle part.
  6. What's going on? I've seen this look a lot these days. Is it ok to do this? Dude only need to walk around with a fixed gear and he will be set for life.
  7. I believe it's just a tree's branch that he dipped in silver ink. It's part of his larger series called "Close". Dude is a fine photographer though, http://jasontozer.com/
  8. More hoes and less boat, yes? Thank you.
  9. Now! That's fucking proper.
  10. The most baller shit I've seen in some time.
  11. I can give up a demonoid invite for one to what. hook it up!!!!
  12. I just dug up an old cb500t for $200. This is my first bike ever and obviously, a learning one. What do you guys suggest I do to start? Any good site with information and tings? I'm excited to get this thing running. For right now, I want to keep the original look as much as possible with a few mods like replace the handle, take out the old air box (I kind of want it there to keep the og look but looks clunky).
  13. Re: Fuck America! dude, you from Florida.
  14. I made this quick meal. roast pork (marinated with special olive oil, herbs, little soy sauce, garlic, cracked pepper)+ mashed potatoes + mushroom gravy
  15. From couple of days ago, went to a local Japanese market to grab some sardines and a few sake. Delicious sake. 2 grilled = olive oil + garlic + thyme + salt + cracked pepper + marinated for about an hour + brushed on with left over. 1 pan fried = salt and cracked pepper
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