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  1. Personally, I prefer Norah Jones but I wouldn't miss a chance to smash this girl while she's playing the piano. The sounds of music.
  2. Re: Anyone ever heard of this chick? this one :lol: how do you people come across random tumblr shit like this? teh inturwebz confuz meh....
  3. justaname


    Fist, thanks anyway. You guys have any recommendation for roadbike tires? slick, rainy condition? anyone have experience with tubeless tires?
  4. justaname


    I've been to old town, some nice people there. Regard to the size, 700 x 25c is noted on the side of the tire and the diameter measurement of the rim is 24, probably not exact but I done what I can. I really don't know the best way to determined the wheel size.
  5. justaname


    First, bewbs for your effort. Now. The back wheel on my bike got ran over few days ago and I need a new wheel. Any reccomendation for weather in Washington? fist666 understands the weather in this corner of the US, it's just mad rain and ice, sometime. What type or brand you would recommend? Where to get? Tubeless wheel? Bonus love for all.
  6. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA The narration is just as good as the pictures. This guy is doing it. flicks of the young women you tried to court?
  7. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA The manufacturer of the car you are driving should sponsor you, you out there with that thing.
  8. ^ all questions answered with real life example. Let's get back the real question of TV life. Now that Walt done interring by snitching out to the DEA, What would Gus do? Dude pretty much has that half of the mark all by himself now. I don't think Jesse can do much, even though he and Walt has this bro love dynamic, because his is Walt's fucked up. Let the speculation begins... GO!
  9. Some damn nice photos and places. It's really sad to say that I've never been to neither La Push or Forks and I've been living in this state forever. The best hike I've done this year was Snow Lake and a spot near/in Snoqualmie, which has about 2 lakes within 3 hours hike up. I went to this lake with a couple friends to camp out in the rain and doing dirty for the weekend a couple weeks back. They called it Lost Lake, just across the way from Kachess Lake.. Out there doing it. Out there still.
  10. justaname


    ^^^ is the store in vietnam or what? the store name means shoes in vietnamese.
  11. Does anyone know what pill Gus swallowed before the meet? What the fuck did he do in that bathroom? Like someone said, Gus is on some Art of War type shit right now. I have a feeling that Gus and Mike starting to become comfortable to let Jesse sit on the same table with them after he went off on that chemist dude... I can't help from cracking up when they did a close up of Jr choked up on Walt's bs... :D
  12. Nice set. My grandfather used to this sort of thing, RIP. I've heard of this place but never had a good reason to just drive down to that spot and pop in on random... Does it cost money to go in? Can u buy seeds or sapling to start?
  13. Re: Travel Log - 2011 - USA gawdddd dahmn........ Already this seem like a bad ass trip, those feral dogs fucking win...
  14. Irene is a hater. I'm about to set my vacation mode to nyc and this shit happens. Who's in ny this weekend? meet up? naw? be out chea...
  15. In NYC for a week, anything good in the city on the last week of August? easy hook up on the tumblinweedz? Price? Worth it? Here's some tits for your effort...
  16. I just realized yall gonna be too busy for this and not have time to nail rupert murdoch. Shiet.......
  17. That's fucking proper. Vancouver riot wah?:lol:
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