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  1. ment2

    chappelle show will not air on May 31st

    i saw some shit in the paper today about him possibly going into a mental institution in south africa or something. who knows.
  2. ment2

    Top 10 most ridiculous black metal photos

    you know whats ridiculous is the fact that its standard for black metal bands to do all these photo shoots. not to offend anyone but judging by how much they like to take silly ass pictures of themselves its pretty hard to take their music seriously.
  3. ment2

    I was a teenage asshole.

    haha good call. I was a dick to people in school but nothing all that bad... didnt throw any bricks at peoples grandmas or anything.
  4. ment2

    I want to see YOU.

    taught him everything he knows.
  5. ment2

    What Are You Listening To: 2006

    az - decade onry ozzborn - the grey area
  6. ment2

    "Does this make my labia look fat?"

    heh heh... baren holes.
  7. ment2

    oh god no...

    better than Canadumb. is the world just falling apart or what man. edit - british taggerz shouldnt fink so much.
  8. ment2

    Damn Obese People

    i love how on sites like that fat john toilet seat and the biffy site they wont say explicitly what their product is, they just assume you know. like on the biffy site it doesnt say on the front page "the biffy shoots a jet of water on your anus and genitalia" it just says something about "complete hygene" or something.
  9. ment2

    gully fotos

    if you make a picture thread, you HAVE TO PUT PICTURES IN YOUR POST. otherwise it will end up sucking like this one.
  10. ment2

    Old School Nickelodeon

    im glad someone is on the same page as me on this. i remember most of these shows, i think a few were before my time.
  11. ment2

    new adam sandler movie

    the british flick was probably a rip off of the original longest yard.
  12. ment2


    i like this version (remix?) better: http://www.definitivejux.net/av/el-p/playe...5&filetype=song
  13. ment2


    this is a crossfire topic since chanel zero is no graff content. whatever though.
  14. ment2


    you're so super smart it just flew over everyones head. i know what its like, man.