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  1. Just to let yahll nkow my name will be diff soon that is all, if you cant figure it out you dont need to know
  2. Yo Dets... email me the addy the book needs to go to.
  3. Nah dont worry. You didnt make me lose my debit card in the taxi. Youre lucky to not be here though, its straight freezing.
  4. So, today my coworker says "I went on a website and someone was already logged in, and it was you" (he knows the whole gatita thing cause he grabbed and looked thru a sketch book of mine). Im like fuck, I didnt log out, whatever. (I know he writes although he denies it, and he's probably reading this... whats up sam) So he goes on to say he searched thru my posts and read my shit I wrote in "I ADMIT." which, if yahll read was scandelous. Although I dont care, I know he probably told all the kids I work with, which bugs me, even though he says he honestly didnt tell anyone. Damnit, yahll moderators need to make it so that when IE or any internet prog is quit, it logs you out. But, it was still my bad. Anyway, today on the way home from work this girl asked for 2$ for a metrocard. I felt really bad, and even though I was on my last 5$ and needed to refill my card to get around tomorrow, I gave her two bucks. As Im filling my card up, the girl asks ANOTHER person for two bucks. I turn around in front of the person she asked and go "I JUST GAVE YOU 2$!!" to which she says "Yeh, i need to get a $4 metrocard" Im like, I DONT EVEN HAVE $4! Give me back a dollar. She gave it to me back and expected me to hand her the crappy dollar that the mcard machine wouldnt take. Im like "No, thats ridiculous, I dont even have any money to get a metrocard that much! Peace" Fuck that shit. 14 year old girl trying to look all cute, probably was going to take that money and buy some crack for her fuckin mom. That pissed me off.
  5. I either get rancid hangovers (which is rarely, thank god) or really goofy. Its pretty strange, Ill wake up in the morning and go to work, and notice myself having the most insane conversations (even though they are rather one-sided) with my co-workers. I think its because Im still very 'cloudy' feeling and I kind of forget to think before I talk.
  6. Meros, next Monday we're going to this live hiphop/mc battle shit in the LES. You cant say no, its free. Yeeeeeeyuh.
  7. Haaaaaaahahah! Quits was tearing shit up when he was a tyke. Awh
  8. People need to shut the fuck up about wrestling.. wrestling ... no... done... pfft says so.. unless youre the utlimate warrior.. then/... no. shut up. yes
  9. Im on Cingular, and although my phone has been lost and is probably being pawned off by some crackhead right now, cingular has been awesome. One time I called them to yell at somethin gon my bill (which I discovered was my own mistake) and instead, the teller discovered another thing they had done wrong and she gave me 2000 rollover minutes. In other words, theres no way on god's green earth Ill ever go over my minutes because those bonus minutes keep rolling over. Now all I have to do is buy a phone and get my shit turned on again. PS: life without cellphone sucks.
  10. Up at 7am cause I did so much sleeping last night. And looks like my upstairs neighbor is on the same page, since hes already listening to music with the most annoying bass lines. Haha, anyway. I feel a lot better sans hangover, still dont want to drink anymore, lets see how this new life plan works. Im going to ask one of my roomies for their phone later and give Pffft a call, thanks to Fatalist I got his number. -ggats
  11. PFFFTTT If you read this, I LOST MY CELL, CREDIT CARDS, EVERYTHING. Im fucked. Try to get online or some shit. I dont know man, this weekend blows. Guess whose not drinking anymore. And finally, Im foreal when I say that. No more alky in 2005! Haha. Nah, but really. I had a horrible fucking night. Horrible.... I feel like someone roofied my ass and now I have construction acorss the street bugging me.
  12. Very nice goose!! I like it a lot. I just took a 12 hour nap... I laid down at 730 to "nap" and woke up spontaneously at 720 (which is when I usually set my alarm to get up for work). At least I feel like Im awake for once. Maybe I needed the sleep since I got out of school and never got it since it seems like theres always something to do. Anyway, off to work I go.
  13. It looks like he photoshopped a sea creature onto his fingers. That shit is ridiculously fake. It only looks reasonably real because he got the lighting good.
  14. Yes, women want all these things. Better believe it. Haha, you guys are funny. Im happy at least dead sentiment agreed with me. To answer what you asked, no, I wouldnt get wiht a guy who treated me like shit.. because I wouldnt like a guy who treated me like shit. Ive seen my friends go after these dudes who keep blowing em off, and I would continously be like "why do you call him, why do you bother" they would just answer "ohhh well he said once, about 50 years ago, he liked me a lot." Yeh, probably to get pussy. I feel bad for you guys. Regardless the whole girls having 7 years of maturity on guys.... (which is mostly wrong) many girls are just confused shmucks. If you guys are seriously meeting these chicks who want what you are listing.. damn, where are you looking for girls? GoldDiggers Anon? Anyway, yeh girls want to be treated "nice"... but wtf is nice? Isnt nice inevitable? I hope youre treating girls right! and by right I mean, as a normal human being! Wanting things bought for them? Thats ridiculous. Yes, many of the guys I have dated have bought me things, but not by me asking, by them offering. Thats fine, but its only because I date guys who are ambitious (which means they have a job or are going places). Thats not me saying "I want a guy who has a job and wastes his money on me" thats me saying "I want a person who is passionate about life and their success." Okay, Im totally talking my mouth off now so Ill stop, but, you guys know what Im getting at? Yeh, I dont either.
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