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  1. Id rather see pictures of the drunk tank!
  2. Vin Diezzz was just in the news for environmental terrorism. He fuckin strapped a woodchuck from a lab to his head and burnt down a McDonalds or some shit
  3. Id Kung Fu the whole fuckin crowd, cops and protestors. Then Id piss on all of them and rape the women. After all was said and done, I would be eating some hamburgers while jacking off in all their mama's mouths and drinking 40's of Sake
  4. I banged my 40 something year old neighbor again tonight. I was sweating all over the slut. I put an icecube in her pussy and turned her out. She was talking dirty and had her ankles next to her ears, so I pulled out and made her gulp down my white snot. Then I told her I had to go and she sent me off with a cold beer. No farting, but it sure was a fucking blast!!
  5. I wouldnt trip off some Renoid writer who probably hits up twice a year! Just dont take the name of a King or a dead King and you will be cool. Get good and battle for your name
  6. KOSE HTF serving it up! He gets the "More Ups Than You" lifetime accomplishment award...Motherfuckas betta get yo'self a clone because you are a lifetime behind!! HELL TURNS FOREVER!
  7. How about NEITHER NOR? There was a Crae..or is a Crae and Sema aint soundin good...sounds like Simba..too much like a Disney cartoon
  8. Drunk Sober


    Kazals, Cazals or however you god damn spell it...those are still the dopest eye pimps I have ever seen. They got a fat website with some sick new styles for this year..you know these things are locked up in glass cases!
  9. Those robots might have machine guns and rocket launchers, but I'll kick their asses anyday on PS2!
  10. my girl is depressed no matter what. Nothing is ever enough and she make me want to eat a razor-blade sandwich. I compensate by dating other chicks. I dont get involved with other chicks, and I tell them I'm just out to fuck. Maybe I won't wake up tomorrow!
  11. nice storry, getting paid kicks ass!
  12. You should hit KRS 1 up for some "knolege" (i think there is a "w" and a "d" somewhere in there!) I think gangster rap has been pretty much dead. There is lots of hip hop that is intelligent but I'm not so sure KRS falls in that category anymore! "getto fantacy of objectifying women" Classic words to be remembered! (and re-spelled!)
  13. 1. I rig toliets in bathrooms to spray people when they flush 2.I have gone out pedestrian hunting in the rain and drove through puddles splashing the innocent 3. When I get drunk enough I become invisible 4. I steal at least one beer everytime I go to the bar 5. I too have got with a fat chick off the net and got some head 6. I always shit in the ladies room 7. I put boogers on the bitches doorknob upstairs 8. I leave ass marks on her car windows too
  14. why would you want to watch "Sex and the City" when you could just go out and have sex in the city?
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