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  1. hey yall hows it been!? hey im back, its been a while but i had to leave the scene for a few months to move, and work, but im back and i have 13,000 new fresh labels awaiting trade... if interested hit me up at JROCKDESIGN@HOTMAIL.COM new flix will be up soon of my gallery, and my collection... thanks to KESR best custom sticker i have yet to recieve... -Elmo/Silmz/Selm/wise
  2. recent update..... 2 new works worked on canvas styled board.... the nice stuff
  3. hey its been a while, good to see this thread is still up, i havnt really been way into the sticker scene well not at all for the past 4 months or so, but i know some people still owe me packs cough * geeze, chillen, bob * i sent out tonz and they were all decently filled, and i would still like to get mine back in return...... thanks!! keep up the trading peace
  4. good luck those are very expensive 20$ per gallon update here are my flix - 10 gallon planted tank, all live plants working on my aquascaping -20 gallon all fake plants and variouse fish -25 gallon all fake but one huge amazon sword plants and tiger barbs plus a dwarf puffer fish which will soon go into the ten gallon and house some other puffers....
  5. yeah exactly i have been reading up on shit, yeah i was thinking about some brazilian stuff, pretty damn expensive to order online, i work at a petstore and we cary american and african, not sure what im gonna go with, but i was thinking about oscars, but they get big, and fast, plus they arent as pretty and as exciting as some others, i have a 10 gallon right now which im breeding puffers in, i like puffers especially dwarfs becuase they can live in tropical fresh water all their lives, unlike all the other puffers which are brackis, or are purely salt, but they are mean as hell, tore up my
  6. no its cool you aint haitin or anything, but im just waiting till i get a bigger and better tank, then i will hit the aquascape scene, i have been studying about it for a little while and i have already ordered stuff online, that 25 gallon will soon be all planted (real plants) with semi-aggressive fish (red tails, clown loach's..) but the real fun will start tomorow im gonna practice the aquascape on my lil' 10 gallon tank i just got today for my puffers ( i breed puffers love em' a ton) by making everything all natural, no colored or any fake shit like that, all natural, it will be sto
  7. yeah i was really lookin into them, i was about to buy two of em', the green spotted, and the figure 8, yeah i almost bought them, but they are expensive online, like about 8 bucks a piece, but 30 bucks to ship.... so its 50$ just for two of em', so i will get them in the future, but not now, becuase they are brackish, which means they can grow up in freshwater, but they will need slightly salted water when their older, did you have yours in tropical water?? i have the nikon 4600 coolpix, it kicks ass has 4.0 mega pixels, 3X optical zoom, and a huge freakind digital zoom, and i
  8. heheh as i type my little female puffer is trying to take on tobey, tobey is a huge snail and will only get bigger, he is probably 4X-6X the size of the puffer fish.... but i dont know i heard the puffers can do some mean stuff and take down fish 5X their size ;) i plan on buying a 10 gal. tank tomorow and setting it up for a cycle with biospira, which automaticaly does the cycle as soon as it is mixed with the water, and i plan on having a tank full of DP's dwarf puffers, and i want to have them breed, and make fry, whom which i will by another tank for..... since they are eazy to take
  9. ok update time, thanks for the comments i bought the following today SEMI AGGRESIVE TANK: -6 tiger barbs -2 dwar puffers ( they kick ass) COMMUNITY TANK: -2 guarmis -2 platy's (male and female = baby's) -2 guppies (male and female= babys) ok here are some updated pics... here is tobey just chillin on the driftwood here is speedy, lucky to get a pick while he was searching for flakes good ol' small tiger barbs, wanna raise em' up to be champs, they are already kinda fighting eachother though, chasing and headbutting, plus nibling, but there is six o
  10. thanks for the propz, yeah its changed much, im getting fish tomorow, coworker is gonna call when the fish truck arrives, and im gonna get -6 tiger barbs -2 red tailed sharks -1 dwarf puffer -2 dwarf guarmis -1 leporiurus Fasciatus for my other tank -2 red fire dwarf guarmis -1 african dwarf frogs -2 rose barbs can we bump this where is ?$? ????? you still need to hit me up!
  11. i checked out craigs list, not bad deal on a 40 gal. with everything including live rock and stand for 75$ that is kick ass.... but i dont live in cali... only live in UT so hit me up with some more sites that can ship up here, or that around here.... lol if you can think of any.... hey love your stuff (well havnt seen it ) but i really hope you post soon man, diggin what you typein' so far, here is a update on my two tanks..... the one withought fish and huge piece of drift wood is gona be a planted tank with some sharks, and barbs..... plus some kick ass plants.... an
  12. daaaaaaaamn close to a grand thats some seriouse shit, my tanks (20 gal, + 25 gal.) have cost me around 500$ already, damn if i would of just gone with a 50 gal. it would have saved me around 200$ already........shiiiiit.... i will post up a update soon on my tanks..
  13. hahaha .... thats hot! well here are both my tanks together they create a 45 gal. envirenment.... i like em, if i would have just bought a 50 gal. i would have saved like 200 bucks! damnit!, oh well post up your tanks! i would love to see em', love the pacus and the oscars, both are awesome, and i love tiger barbs for some reason too..... !
  14. yeah well i just bought another tank today, flipppin huge 25 gallons its like 3 feet high, and two feet long, i work at a pet store so its kinda easy.... but i plan on putting bala sharks, tiger barbs, clown loaches, and oscars in it till they get bigger....... i will have a chichild tank and a community tank... and pachostimists ( sucker fish) can get up to 2 feet long, they get big..... love the flix, post more if you got em'
  15. PS - I LUV DRUNK- hot freakin filter/pump hehe diggin it! i really want some of your turtles, is there a kind that can mix it up with community tropical fish??....
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