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1 hour ago, Joker said:

Punctures: I've already wrote about my praise for tubeless wheels/tires in this thread but I'll reiterate - if you can afford it, go with tubeless wheels and tires. About three years ago I switched my CX/Gravel/Winter Training bike over to tubeless wheels/tires and I haven't had a puncture, since. Three years. Gravel, single track, lava rock, and all the muck/glass/sharp shit in the roads, too. There's definitely cuts and bits in my tires but the sealant immediately sealed the punctures. So quickly, I never even knew it happened. I've gone through several real tires and one front tire only due to prolonged wear. There's even plugs you can buy for larger cuts that the sealant can't close, but that's fairly rare.On the weekly Sunday group ride I attend, the only time we've had to stop for flats in the last five years is due to punctures on regular tires/tubes. So yeah... I highly praise the tubeless set-up. 


Brakes: this'll save you $120:



Not sure where you're located but if there is a local racing scene, especially a big CX racing scene, chances are there's someone local with a set of Paul's cantilever brakes they're desperately trying to get rid of because they've upgraded to a bike with disc brakes. If there is a local racing scene then there's probably a group chat you can join, and those always have a For Sale section where you can look for used parts for cheap (and usually haggle for a lower price), or you can post that you're looking for used Paul's cantis. There's possibly a once or twice a year Bike Swap event, too. They have them where I live and lots of folks set up shop with stuff they're trying to sell for cheap. And there's always Craigslist. 

you're a legend, thanks for this. i've been intimidated by tubeless for a minute but when it comes time to switch i'll make it! i want to ride gravel on this thing and every time i do i just get killed by pinch flats 


and good looks on the tips on used cantis, i'll probably go the ebay route. i'm in dc so we definitely have cyclocross here somewhere? but i'm not really big in The Scene so idk where they are. 

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Customer is in the process of restoring a bike and wanted the logos engraved over the preexisting logos followed by a yellow paint fill to match the bike.  I am guessing yellow because of Tour de France?


Anyhow, never heard of the brand until now, and man are they expensive. 



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On 10/18/2020 at 5:04 PM, Elena Delle Donne said:

campy is beautiful... too nice for me. 


the specialized aethos: i conceptually like what it is—a less-complicated high end bike that's less anal about "aero, bro." but man. that price point is fucking oppressive 


Specialized:  Makes a $20k 'basic' S-Works no muss no fuss, calls it the Aethos 


BMC:  Hold my beer 


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Hey guys. Some elves did some shitty work on putting the little homies bike together. When you squeeze the back brakes they dont close enough to touch the wheel. Then they also dont release tension when you let go of the brake handle.


This is what the back brakes look like if you can help me get this bike on the road.


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