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that was a really interesting read, I've never taken so much of that into consideration while shopping for/installing brakes. I did have a set of hydro hayes el camino brakes get super spongy all of a sudden during a particularly gnarly mountain bike ride. Im assuming that my fluid had gotten too hot, pulled over for a few minutes and squirted some water on the caliper/rotors and it steamed up right away.

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For the last three years I've been designing custom paint options for SAGE Titanium customers. Definitely fun to work with customers to come up with something they love and are excited to ride. Here's

Lap around the lake today


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Fist to be fair canti's dont really work for shit (especially in the mud) and he had it on a cross bike. I would want to put discs on everything if it was a viable option and I never really considered all these variables while on the road. I wonder if mech discs would have saved him

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i used to rock xtr Vs on an xc bike with some decent pads and i rode mud, through streams, etc in CO and never had any serious problems. (occasional mud gum up that would clear up with a couple quick break grabs), but i get your point about cantis in mud.


the pinnacle problem with road disc comes down to the long dh sections. fact is that isn't something that has been totally solved in mountain, sponge and fade are still discussed in every break review even at the highest price tag.. and the nature of road doesn't accommodate the sacrifices and breaking techniques that have been made in mountain.


i'm definitely curious to see what happens, but it kind of seems like a gimmick.

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totally into discs for cyclocross. i've raced on mechanical discs in the mud on a friend's bike - was cool.


not so into it for road after reading that. dual-pivots work great. they're more or less the gold standard. about the best thing i can see coming from disc brakes on road will be better rims.

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I had a set of bars like that for a minute. Made them out of a pair of messed up 90's looking mtb bars that curled up. Rode them like that for a while, then realized that my arms so close together was compressing my lungs.... In my defense that was almost five years ago.



Anywho I bought a mini camelbak backpack and a dual led cygolite 400 lumen thing for $120. The dual led gives a pretty awesome spread. Looks like a halogen highbeam. Im not angling the thing down to the ground to see light. I'm just aiming it straight on and lighting up the whole block. 750 lumens would've looked like the HID kit in my car.


Also I bought that topeak iphone drybag. Oddly having your iphone on your stem is the perfect place for it.


Bought all this because im getting back into commuting. Pretty excited.

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i have the chance to get a marin larkspur 7005 series for pretty much next to nothing. i currently have a SE DRAFT, while it's a good bike, it is a little bit too much road only or bike path for me. i like to jump off curbs and cut through yards/alleys/etc. and having gears and good brakes is pretty damn nice lol


here is a pic of the closest thing i have found that looks like the marin i am talking about



the one i have is all stock i am guessing, cause the bars and tires look a little different from the one pictured. i want to go ahead and get it but i only have one concern: i currently weigh 220 pounds, if i keep the tires aired up properly can i jump off curbs and stuff without getting a flat(snakebite)? i know i cannot go crazy on off-road trails, i just wanna be able to ride through neighborhoods quickly and not end up with flats all the time. the tire size is 700 35c, they are pretty good sized i think but i know you guys will have some good input



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I weigh about that and have been riding a mountain bike for a few months. I rode a touring bike for years but recently made the switch and it's way more comfortable...I think if you're 200+ 26" wheels are the way to go, and you can definitely find something comparable to that Marin (if not better). I see nice MTB stuff going for dirt cheap all the time because everyone wants a track bike.


Speaking of which (kind of)...I know this is going to sound like I'm late to the party, but why are people obsessed with looking like bike messengers when there's practically no messenger jobs left? I suppose it's better than everyone dressing like commuters or racers, but I've seen some people go way over the top to the point where when I ask them "Where do you work?" they turn out to be web designers or yoga instructors and have never done a delivery in their lives. Huh, could have fooled me.


To me this is a completely separate issue from the fixed gear/shoulder bag fad. These are people going out of their way to look like the real deal...makes me wish I had kept all that junk from when I was a messenger, I could have made some money selling it on eBay to kids in Iowa.

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I've been having shit luck with mechanical things lately, hard drive broke, motorcycle headgasket blew, car's speedometer stopped working, and now my front bicycle wheel's alloy nipples and hub started to corrode into dust I think it's god's way of making fun of me for trying to buy things that'll last forever.


LUCKILY this time I was able to take my old AC420 wheel's hub, pair it with my new(er) 420 rim, and make a new wheel without buying shit!

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