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I see, Yea, i just use egg beaters. I love the float, I love the ease of clipping in/out. Just me though everyone has there own style.


Speaking of style, check out my dads bike (not rockin these pedals now though, that wa a temp.)



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For the last three years I've been designing custom paint options for SAGE Titanium customers. Definitely fun to work with customers to come up with something they love and are excited to ride. Here's

Lap around the lake today

I made this

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san jose bike party tonight....first san salvador from 6 - 8 live music then ride at 8


Ill be the dude on the 62cm red and white road frame...


me and my boy were going to go to this, but that fool is working late and sjbp goes so ridiculously slow.


25 mile loop though tonight, not too bad.

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Damn... is everyone on this thread tall except me?


Rode for a few hours today... sick of this fucking rain. No motivation to ride like I should be right now.


yes. everyone is a giant.


yesterday morning i saw a dude riding the tallest frame ive ever seen. it looked fucking weird and kind of comical.

i bought around $200 worth of shit for 35 bucks tonight. i am happy.

budget bike is getting better by the minute.

fuck yes.

i will post up some before/after flictures when it is done.

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my brother was just telling me about this XXL spec dual suspension 29er he was servicing.

the saddle rested in his armpit while standing next to it.

hes 5'9" ish.


this is insane.

i bet this dude could run over a small animal and not even notice it, unless he has chronic back pain or is riding 100 plus mile races theres no reason to buy a bike that makes trailriding feel like riding on the air.

i can understand a 29er, and i can understand a full suspension bike but i cant understand a 29er fs. trails you need a 29er for tend to not require full suspension as youd be slow as hell. and trails that require full suspension would make you disadvantaged with 29 inch wheels..

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i'd like to build a s/s 29er after i build my f/s yeti.


i'm sure its fun to ride, and the speeds you could get w/o thinking would be outstanding, but i'm too much of a sweat and pain uphill cross country guy to be sold on a bike like that.

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