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its nice to be back in the saddle....


injury is getting better and it seems the bike has helped surprisingly.....ankle injry.


one week down, giving up my car for 2 months...


thigh muscles are sore and it feels so good.

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For the last three years I've been designing custom paint options for SAGE Titanium customers. Definitely fun to work with customers to come up with something they love and are excited to ride. Here's

Lap around the lake today

I made this

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Hopefully you are not asking how much the bike you stole is worth...


If you are, then fuck you.



fuck bike thieves.

i know a couple.

and have told them they suck dick for doing it.

walking out of a place to find your bike is gone is the worst shit ever. its only happened once when i was a kid. but dude i loved my little kid bmx bike!

fucking assholes.



that was the most vague shit ever. there is more than 1 univega bike in existance. also... its hard to tell you what some shit is worth because to someone it might not be worth a piece of used chewing gum if they have some really top of the line shit and to someone else it might be the shit they dream about at night because they ride a fucking 50lb huffy to work every day.

who fucking knows?



fixed gear on a small budget so far so good...

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Hey count chocula, does that frog suit breathe well? All my upper body rain gear keeps me dry from the rain, but wet with my own sweat. I usually end up wearing a wool sweater and some rain pants. Works pretty well, buy now perfect obviously.


I'm having a weird problem with my front derailleur. Its usually fine, but on occasion I can't shift from the smaller to the larger chainring. I've got it adjusted to point that if it goes out any further i lose my chain. It doesn't matter what gear combination I'm in, it just wont move up, even with the cage pushing on the chain all the way. When this happens, the only why i can get it to work is to pull the lever (down tube shifters) up all the way as hard as i can, and then move the rear derailleur (doesn't matter which way). Doesn't seem like the cable is sticking anywhere either. Any ideas?

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Been riding and it's been good for morale. The knee is still sore but I'm taking it easy in the hopes of being ready for crit season. An injury suck...


Yea, been watching both the Giro and ToC. Both are equally good for completely different reasons. Tyler is making history over there in Italy!!


Rain riding... well, most of us Northwestern folks have it down to a science. Full SKS fenders with "courtesy" flaps attached to the ends. The flap on the front keeps your feet that much drier and the flap on the back keeps the guy behind you from getting completely covered in road grime. As for gear... most of us just wear normal cycling gear with the exception of some gloves and booties to keep the extremities a little more dry. Both are still going to get wet but having something there keeps them dry for a little while longer. Wearing too much or wearing gear specific to keeping you dry can cause you to sweat way more than you actually would if you just wore normal cycling gear.


"Courtesy" flaps...


I have some of these minus the Bike Hugger stuff. The one on the front hangs so far down that it almost touches the ground. Really nice.



And this is the cheap way to go. All of us have plenty of water bottles laying around... so cut one in half, cut out the bottom and then mount it to the end of both fenders.


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awesome idea with the water bottle joker - i should give that a shot.

and +1 on the 'riding in typical cycling attire' for rides, but my rainy day errands and commuting is typically done in everyday garb rather than lycra.

hence the frogg togg suit.

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MTB pedals... I tried Beaters but the lack of platform/slippery float feeling wasn't my thing. Recently bought some Deore XT pedals but same deal, didn't like the float and didn't like that dialing the release tension in turn made clipping in harder (which means a big trade off in CX races). Sold them a day later. I guess I'm an ATAC guy for life... unless Look gets their shit together with Quartz's.


Road pedals... it's a toss up between SPD SL and Time for me. Speedplays were great for everything except sprinting, and I'm a sprinter...

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