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  1. SpamNme


    You must be a loser being so worried about what other people do.
  2. SpamNme


    Who gives a shit what kind of bike someone rides? I ride fixed. Have been for years. Who wants to fight me until I stop? Lol
  3. SpamNme


    If you think the locking is loose, put your front tire against a curb or wall Si the bike can't move and put all you weight on a pedal as if you wanted to go forward. That's an easy ghetto way of tightening it.
  4. The first 3 numbers are what type of shoe(running,bball,acg,etc) the second three are the model(air max 90,af1,etc. The last three are the color code.
  5. Lesnar was defending. Fedor was just taking shots, and faceplanted after the first one. Big difference
  6. SpamNme


    Burn that garbage ^
  7. Food poisoning takes roughly 48 hrs to manifest. And there is no such thing as "slight food poisoning". It's all out violently ill or nothing.
  8. SpamNme


    I waver between liking and not liking bullhorns. I pretty much keep my hands positioned in the middle of my bars 95% of the time anyways. They are good for climbing though.
  9. Why do we drive on the parkway, and park in a driveway? The shit keeps me up at night.
  10. SpamNme


    Use plain white toothpaste on white soles. That's what we used to use on display shoes that sat in bright lights for 2 months
  11. Cheick Congo sucks. Can't believe how weak Berry's chin was. And as much as I like mitrione's personality, he's never gonna be a hw contender unless he masters bjj or wrestling.
  12. So angry im working today. Madball and The Killer alway play hard.
  13. Fuck him. If he murdered one of your relatives or friends you wouldn't think it sucks that he's caught.
  14. Put him in a room with Kevin Weeks
  15. SpamNme


    I ride fixed because I fucking want to. Nobody cares if you "understand" or not.
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